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May 16, 2016

Discover Britney – Song Of The Week – Toy Soldier – Edition 8

Welcome back to another edition of ‘Discover Britney,’ where we highlight Britney songs that were not released as singles. This way, you can share a song a week with people that have not yet had the chance to hear flawless tracks from Britney’s albums. Spread the word!

If you are an avid Britney stan, you will know that almost every track from a Britney album (in an ideal world) should have been released as a single. So many people have been deprived of some of the most timeless tracks and we feel that they should be heard. Join BritneyGalaxy on Spotify, where we will add one track a week to our ‘Discover Britney’ playlist. Your gym playlist is set for life!


Oh Bloodshy & Avant, can you actually do any wrong? Another, ‘Blackout,’ smasha makes our list. The problem with, ‘Blackout,’ is actually not a problem at all, every single track deserves to be a single and is a pure hit. There is no secret as to why this album is known as one of the most influential albums of all time and it is an absolute shame that the era was cut short, as there should have been way more attention to the brilliance that be.

Military drum-rolls and R&B swag make up this iconic track, that would easily blow you away in a nightclub scenario. We can see the ‘ney-ney’s followed with head sways so fierce we could feel the breeze. Britney takes full control on this track, demanding the boys separate from the men, she simply no longer has time to play. Britney sings with pure ‘Pink Lady’ attitude and swag, you can almost hear the chewing-gum pop and the baseball bat sway. ‘I’m like a fire bottle, busting in your face,’ Britney warns, it is clear Britney ain’t messing, she is clearly a force to be reckoned with. The best way to describe this track is Missy Elliott funk, a little hint of ‘Gossip Folk,’ infused with heavy beats, slick attitude and a perfectly placed tiara paired with a brand new pair of white trainers.  ‘Yeah, smash on the radio, bet I penned it,’ You sure did Sean ‘The Pen’ Garrett, you sure did.

Best Lyrics: ‘Peeka boo, he good, doing things you wish you could,’ and ‘Now I hold ‘em at attention, cause new Britney’s on a mission.’

Songwriters: Sean ‘The pen’ Garrett, Christina Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg, Magnus Wallbert

Producers: Bloodshy & Avant, Garrett

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