Could Victoria’s Secret be Britney Spears?

According to our friends over at MashableUK, Victoria’s ‘Secret’ inspiration for this season could very well be the one and only Queen B! After reading THIS amazing article – we would have to agree! The similarities are just too spot on to ignore. Let’s break down a few for you. Could Candice Swanepoel be channeling her inner Toxic…

Kendall feeling a bit Overprotected?

Center of the ring for Lily?

Devon goes all Toxic blue with a Teen Choice Award on her back… very Britney we might add…

Josephine gets all Womanizer frisky..

My Prerogative for Izabel?

Or… how’s about some old school Brit inspiration from Gigi:

We think Mashable has hit the nail on the head… Victoria’s Secret has some revealing to do… Make sure to click on the link above to see some more comparisons! What do you think?