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Posted on
Jan 24, 2016

BREAK THE ICE is still in #PieceOfMe!!!!!!!



Thanks to the flawless Willie Gomez he set the record straight about the little “meltdowns” of last nights news:

The song Break The Ice is still in the show guys stop creating rumors… I believe that whatever changes are being made to the show everyone will be happy about. Sometimes we can’t get every song we want to be added as that would be a very long list right!?? but as Britney fas you will all be happy I believe ? much love xo

Thank you SO SO SO SO SO much Willie for clearing this up! It is VERY sad that you think people who work for big news companies would start to create unnecessary rumors. All we know right now is that what Carlo said about Break the ice being cut is FALSE but the other information might be true, we will update you all once we have more confirmation!