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Oct 31, 2015

Michaela Weeks #BritneyWeen story! @britneyspears #PieceOfMe

britney and michelle

Happy #BritneyWeen everyone!

In honor of it being Halloween, I mean #BritneyWeen, lets take a trip down memory lane from last years #BritneyWeen.

Michaela Weeks was last years #BritneyWeen winner at Britney Spears #PieceOfMe contest. Michaela has reached out to Britney-Galaxy to give us her exclusive story on what happened last year! Check out the story below:

It was Halloween 2014 and I was in Las Vegas with my soon to be husband! I had booked to go and see Britneys Piece of me show on November 1st as a pre-wedding mini hen gift to myself!  Being in Vegas for Halloween I had decided I was going to go out dressed as Britney in her iconic blue air hostess dress from the music video for Toxic! I was so excited when I heard Britney was running a Halloween competition called BritneyWeen! Me and my boyfriend decided to start our night at Planet Hollywood so we could see everyone dressed up in Britney costumes before they went in to the show! It was amazing! As fans queued for the doors to open there were school girls, police officers, ringleaders and all sorts of awesome outfits, I was flattered when people came and asked to have a photo with me, “your bound to win the contest!” One lovely girl said to me “Thats so kind! Thank you, but I’m not even going to see the show tonight, so I can’t enter!” I replied feeling gutted! The atmosphere was so energetic and I was bursting to go and see Brit Brit!! “Do you want to get tickets to go to the show tonight?” Craig (my boyfriend) asked me! “I’d LOVE to, but we can’t afford it, I’m already going to see the show tomorrow…” I trailed off… Knowing how much I was bursting to go into the theatre… “Although I did win $100 today in the casino…” – my lucky day or what!? “We could get some cheaper tickets, like ones right at the back?” I started to convince myself!!! Craig was really relaxed about the whole thing and said “Look were on Holiday! Let’s enjoy ourselves! I know how much you wanna go tonight, let’s just do it!” (He obviously wanted to see the show too, hey!!! ;)) so we bought tickets and joined the queue, I was so excited!

As we walked into the theatre I could see Britneys costumes in their glass cases and I was dying to run down and take some photos up close, but the steward pulled me to one side as she was scanning my ticket “You look so great! I’m going to upgrade your tickets to the pits!” Whaaaat!? That’s amazing, I was speechless “thank you so much” I said turning to Craig with a stunned look on my face!! We began to walk down the steps into the foyer when another lady came straight over “Hi, I’m the official show photographer, can I take your photo for the website?” Is this happening I thought to myself? So cool! She took some photos of me next to Britney’s actual toxic costume, and soon a crowd started to form in a circle around us… Fans were asking to take my photo too!! All I could think was “Wow, this is the biggest compliment ever, Britneys fans want a photo with me…!” Flattered much!!!

Then Britneys photographer came back over, Britneys dancers are over here, let me get a photo of you with them! “You look so much like Britney” one of them said to me after the photo! Wow! Britneys dancer thinks I look like her!! Cool!!

As myself and Craig went down to the pits, I was buzzing! I couldn’t believe how crazy that had just been, we got a free upgrade, I met Britneys dancers and her official photographer! I got talking to some other fans when a woman came over to me “Hi, I’m Britneys PA and You’ve won the BritneyWeen competition!” Was she being serious? She handed me the VIP tickets and showed us to our table in the VIP area “Britney hand-picked you as the winner herself! Congratulations!” She said as she turned to leave “Reallh?” I asked in disbelief! She nodded “…will you tell her I said thank you so much, and that this means so much to me!” She said she would and off she went! I turned to Craig who was stood wide eyed in disbelief!! “This is crazy!!” I said and gave him a huge hug!!! Just as I was trying to let the news sink in someone came up behind me and said “hi, I’m felicia…!” I turned round with my jaw on the floor and in the most geekish voice ever replied “oh my god! I know who you are… You don’t need to introduce yourself!!!” She smiled politely as I tried to compose myself!! “Can I take your photo?” She asked “Britney will freak out! You look so much like her!” She took my photo and I asked for one with her too, she gave me a great big hug and was so lovely and down to earth, I could have cried right at that moment!

Just then a gentleman came up behind me “Hello there, I have some friends id like to introduce to you… I’m…”, “BRITNEYS DAD!!!” I finished his sentence as he shook my hand!! He laughed and I asked if I could have a photo with him “Sure you can sweetheart! Come on up” he said in his southern accent! I went and had a photo and he shook my hand again and said “it’s lovely to meet you!” (I know right, lovely to meet ME!?)
A few minutes later Jamie returned, this time with Lynne and both Preston and Jayden in tow! I said hi to the boys who were so sweet and looked at me all shy as Lynne turned to them and said “doesn’t she look just like Mommy!?” The boys nodded sweetly!! I had a photo with Lynne, and just as she was walking away she turned to me and said “it’s unreal! You look so much like Britney!” I gasped and thanked her for the huge compliment!!!

I turned to Craig Once again in disbelief! “This is huge!” He said to me, knowing just how much this all meant to me “I’m so proud of you!” My heart melted! Am I dreaming right now? Did I really just meet Britneys dancers, her photographer, her PA, win the BritneyWeen competition and then meet Felicia, Britneys Mom and Dad and her two sons!?!?

As if things couldn’t get any better, Britneys PA returned with security beside her “Britney would like to have a photo with you…” By this point I was convinced it was all a dream and I was about to wake up… I thought about how much I wished my mum could have been with me, she had made my toxic costume and been there with me at every moment up until this point… Now my dreams were about to come true! I never imagined I would get the opportunity to meet Britney, and now in one crazy night I was heading backstage with her security to meet her and have a photo with her!!! I have watched Britney since she first hit the scene in 1999, I have followed everything just like most of you reading this have, and I never thought this would become a reality for me!

I waited patiently backstage, shaking like a leaf, ‘calm down, be cool!’ I told myself, Larry came over and introduced himself and said “Britney will be down in a minute!”
I looked around. Security were there, the photographer, Jamie was milling around along with a few other people! Just then out of nowhere Britney appeared, I had caught a glimpse of a few people coming down the stairs to my right but I hadn’t realised it was Britney until she was right next to me! (Idiot, I thought to myself!) “hi” she said with her perfect smile! She was wearing a pink wig and her black diamond one piece that she opened the show with, mic on and ready to go! “Oh hi” I said stunned “wow, you look incredible!” She said thank you and leant in for a photo! She smiled at me once more then headed toward the stage “have a great show!” I called after her and she turned and smiled again giving me a nod!!

We were escorted back to our seats and Britney slayed the stage as always!! The VIP seats were incredible and we had such an amazing time… All I could think was “is this real? Did this really just happen?”

Me and Craig went to a party after the show and people were still asking to have a photo with me when someone said “you look amazing in the photo with Britney! Your so lucky” Wait what!? “How have you seen the photo? I haven’t even seen the photo yet!?” I was so confused as he casually replied “yeah! Haven’t you seen? Britney has posted it on Twitter and Instagram!? She tagged you and everything!?”

I could not believe it!!! Before I’d met Britney I had doubts if would be a good idea, I adored her so much, what if she met me and said “your weird!” Or “We look nothing alike” etc… I’d have been crushed!! The whole experience has made me love our Brit so much more and I cannot believe how down to earth and genuine she and her entire team are! I really believe the Britney Army are the luckiest fanbase around! Our Queen rocks!!! Thank you Anthony and Britney-Galaxy for letting me feature this story to you! Xoxo