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May 3, 2016

Celebrating The First Birthday Of ‘Pretty Girls’ – With Interesting Facts – Britney Spears

Today we celebrate the first birthday of Britney and Iggy’s hit, ‘Pretty Girls.’

As far back as October 2014, Britney expressed an interest in working with Iggy Azalea. Britney and her son’s really enjoyed her music, so when Britney heard that Iggy was a fan of hers, she arranged for management to get in contact and the rest is as they say, history.

The single was originally intended as a dual collaboration for Britney’s new album. However at the time, Britney was not sure if she was going to release an album or rather just a few ‘album-less’ promotional singles. Iggy then decided to take the track for her own new album and announced it publicly. Britney then changed her mind and wanted the track to be hers. The first single cover released stated the track featured Iggy….

…however was later released as Britney & Iggy as per the promotional cover posted at the start of this article. The track landed up being a dual collaboration that is not a lead single to either artist’s album.

During an interview with Billboard in 2015, Britney claimed that an album was just not her full priority at that time. Larry Rudolf, Britney’s manager continued with: “Right now we’re just concentrating on putting out a few great singles as they come.We’re not really talking seriously about a new album yet. Albums just aren’t as important in the digital age as they used to be. Britney will get to one eventually, but not right now.” Britney is now due to release her ninth studio album over a year later.

Although Little Mix are credited for writing the song, Iggy claimed that their initial version is far different from the final outcome. As Little Mix were involved in the initial process of the song, they are credited, however Iggy is the main contributor.

The video ‘Pretty Girls’ was directed by Iggy and her good friend, Cameron Duddy. Britney wanted a similar concept to the ‘Fancy’ music video. Iggy suggested they continue to pay tribute to the movies and suggested the Genna Davis 80’s cult classic, ‘Earth Girls Are Easy.’ Britney was a massive fan of Gina Davis, so agreed immediately.

Charm Ladonna was hired as the choreographer. Having previously worked with Janet Jackson and Aaliyah, this was exciting news for all Britney’s fans. Charm Ladonna continued to work with Britney and was part of the revamp of Britney’s ‘Piece Of Me,’ show. The choreography has been praised by both fans and critics alike.

Britney and Iggy performed the track at The Billboard Music Awards 2015. This marked the first televised performance for Britney in four years. The performance was a continuation of the music video, where Britney and Iggy get teleported to space.

By pure coincidence, Britney wore the same earrings as Katy Perry in her 80’s inspired, ‘Last Friday Night,’ music video. The costume team mentioned that that the same props are always offered when it comes to an 80’s dress up and the fact that they were the same earrings went by unnoticed, although they should have picked up on it.

The song was produced by the invisible men and was released on the 4th May 2015. The music video was released on the 13th May. The song suffered an early leak due to an outside video shoot, however only a few days before the official release. The UK, for the second time in a row, suffered almost a 2 month delay in the release of the single, a ridiculous decision by RCA records which drastically hurt the tracks sales. This was not the first time the UK had to suffer a delay, the same happened with Work Bitch – which also had a negative effect. Let’s hope this was just a phase..

Although the song was recorded by fall 2014, Iggy only met Britney in January 2015. During an interview with Ellen in 2016, Iggy mentioned that Britney’s team needed to sweep her house to make sure she was drug free. Interested in what they ate? A very healthy salad!

Pretty Girls received positive reviews from critics, complementing the track on it’s fun element and liked the fact that both artists did not take themselves too seriously. A ‘girls just wanna have fun’ kind of vibe!

This was Iggy’s third co-directing effort, with ‘Trouble’ and ‘Black Widow’ being her first two.

Britney premièred the song in a new concept with Uber…

..If you were lucky enough to get a ‘Britney Uber’ you would be driven around town and be the first to hear the song before it’s official release!

This is not the first video where the alien/mars inspired video had an acting skit break. ‘Oops!.. I Did It Again,’ had one too, remember the brilliant Titanic nod? Britney seems to have a thing for outer space.

Here is Little Mix singing the Pretty Girls during a Capital FM interview:

Celebrate with us by watching the amazing video:

Happy first year Pretty Girls!