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Jun 21, 2015


Have not got the time to catch up on Britney news every day? Well, we have got your back! Every week we will post the highlights of the past week and summarise the most important Britney news of the week.

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It looks like Britmas has come early at the Planet Hollywood merchandise store. Look at these awesome ‘Britney’ album inspired must haves.

Looks like we have found our coffee cup for our next visit to ‘Tom’s Diner’. We will take the bag to go too, please and thank you. This is not a want… it’s a must!

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X (tina) marks the spot for Brit in this hilarious throwback video that surfaced this week. Have a look at Britney try to push Christina off the edge, but comes tumbling down after her.

The amount of times that we have watched this video is unhealthy, but man is it funny! Bring back these good old days!

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Take that whichever way you will, but we had full intentions of a clean headline… or did we? Either way – Pretty Girls is slaying this week! Did you expect any less? Let’s break down the achievements:

‘Pretty Girls’ hits number 1 on the American Top 40 Poll!

The ‘Pretty Girls’ music video hits over 70 Million views!

Pretty Girls is number 6 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart!

Pretty Girls win the Popcrush song of the summer Poll!

Pretty Girls enters in at number 8 on the UK top 10 mid week charts!

Pretty Girls is slaying in the Teen Choice – Choice Song Female Artist votes!

Barmy – you rock – but you knew that already! Keep up the hard work – you all slay!

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Britney is always making headlines, no matter where she goes or what she does, people just cannot get enough of her! So we decided to create a game called ‘Spot The Spears’. Pretty easy really, find a tabloid and Spot The Spears, you are guaranteed to find news about Brit everywhere. Let’s see what we spotted this week:

Southern Belle Britney, looking mighty fine at LAX airport this week:

Shop Till you drop! Britney makes an appearance at Westlake Calafornia:

With Britney’s fortune and spending revealed this week – we defo would like to join on Britney’s next shopping adventure!! On another note – how hot does Britney look? Phew!

Britney was also spotted picking up Lexie this week. Look at cuteness overload:

Aunt-ney makes another appearance at Maddie’s Mermaid inspired Birthday party:


This is just too cute for words! Hope the Spears family had a great week! On a side note – we found our new head gear – does this mean A is a thing of the past?

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STAN ALERT! Hilary Duff revealed that she wanted to be just like Queen B – who inspired her music career.

When did you realize you had a passion for singing, and what made you decide to come back to music?

I always loved music, but I wanted obviously to be an actress. I was filming Lizzie McGuire for two years — we did like 65 episodes in two years. So after that I was like, ah, I gotta do something to not be Lizzie McGuire. And I loved her! And it was all good. But I was, like, just tired of doing the same thing every day, all day.

And I obviously loved Britney Spears, and I was like, I wanna be just like her! And I started singing. I started trying to sing, you know — getting vocal lessons and stuff like that. And that’s how it started.

Hillary, you rock! Brit would be super glad to hear this. King Anthony had the chance to meet Hilary this week and asked her if she would like to duet with Britney.. her reply? ‘I think I would die if I recorded with Britney Spears. I am such a huge fan of hers.’

We are down for this – who does not love a bit of Hilary?

Talking about super stans – Melissa strikes again. Seriously Melissa you know just how to pull on our HART strings..

That flaw- free video! Thank you for the trip down memory lane!

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To be fair – in this modern age – Tom’s Diner is filled with heaps of people that can not spare a second off their smart phones… and we are not judging you.. how else can you keep up with our Galaxy posts? Britney uploaded ‘Tom’s Diner’ to her VEVO account this week for your viewing pleasure, perfect for your next visit to the iconic diner!!

So does this mean that ‘Tom’s Diner’ is heading in the single treatment direction? Do not get your hopes up just yet… But that does not mean that Giorgio is not keen on making this happen!

Check out the interview below:

Getting further into Déjà Vu, I think we have to start with the remake of Suzanne Vega’s Tom’s Diner you did with one Ms. Britney Spears.

G: Britney had the idea of remaking some of her favorite songs, and that was the one she wanted to do with me. She called me and asked if I wanted to come down to the studio with her, but I couldn’t because I was in Europe then.
So she gave me the vocal, and I put it in with the basic tracks I made for it. I upgraded the tracks with my revisions. At the end of the song, I added a little Vocoder, which I’ve always loved, just to see how it worked out. She liked it, and said she wanted it all throughout the song.
I thought the original song was too short. I’m used to verse chorus, verse chorus, whatever, and then a bridge. So I thought, “OK, I’m going to compose a bridge.” Again, I got permission to play it with the Vocoder, and now I can say I have a song created with Britney Spears.

The “everybody welcome, come on in / love is the drug” lyrics you added certainly fills out the track a lot more beyond just doing a straight cover, that’s for sure.

G: Thank you. I hope that one day we’ll release it as a single.

Maybe you and Britney could perform it together on the Grammys next year.

G: (laughs heartily) No, I don’t think she’d want me on the stage. Maybe I could be there in a video.

I wasn’t saying you had to be one of her dancers, or anything like that…

G: Good. I would have to lose a lot of weight to stand next to her! (both laugh)

Seriously Giorgio, the single would slay! Release it as a single as soon as possible. ‘Tom’s Diner’ did great on iTunes this week worldwide, and that is with no promotion. Can you imagine the charting, if it was released with a video? Click HERE to see our reasons as to why  it should be a single.

Check out Britney’s Tweet in support of her major hit:

With all these duets – Britney Galaxy did our own Top 30 Britney duets list – click HERE to check out our version of events, that is if you have not done so already.

We know that making a Britney list is dangerous territory as many will not agree… so why not head down to Universe and give us your ideal chart?

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This week, we had a lot of anniversary throwbacks, so time to celebrate these epic milestones.

Ooh La La turns 2 this week:

Tarryn Manning reminisces on her Crossroads days in THIS interview:

Boys was released 13 years ago!

Someday (I Will Understand) turns 10!

The Femme Fatale Tour kicked off 4 years ago this week!

Holy Moly! What a week for throwbacks – all these iconic moments flashing back at us in one week – is just too much to deal with! Make sure to visit VEVO and show these music videos and performances some love!

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This has left us a Brit Curious… Britney posted (or so we think) this super mysterious pic on Instagram this week and then moments later it was suddenly removed:

Is this promo for ‘Now You See Me 2’? Maybe it is Britney giving us a hidden message? Could there be a deeper meaning to it all? Or are we just being ridiculous and reading too much into everything… We are going to put our bets on the latter…

Moving on from mystery, to something more mystical – check out this ‘Charlotte’s Webb’ inspired post:

Charlotte’s Webb hits the.. umm.. web..If we were not petrified of spiders – this would be amazing to see… but honestly – all of us here at HQ jump on tables when we spot any eight legged creature… EEK!

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The classy men’s mag (or ladies mag – should you prefer) told us what we already knew – Britney is just damn hot stuff. Check out this quote from the magazine below:

Honestly, Britney Spears has been hot for as long as I can remember. She first hit the scene in early 1999 with …Baby One More Time. I was 10-years-old when that came out, barely enough of a full human to even realize the non-discreetness of a smoking hot teenager asking “hit me baby one more time.“ I can remember my older brother, a die-hard rap fan, even buying the album and never listening to the CD. He just wanted the pictures in the inside booklet. So, for as long as I’ve been old enough to have mature thoughts, Britney Spears has been hot. And 16 years later, it appears she has no plans of slowing down.

That’s Britney out for a run just days ago. Her body is looking as tight and fit as it ever was, even after cranking out two kids. She’s still rocking stages on a regular basis, and putting out some questionable new music. I can’t wait to see her rocking little booty shorts and looking like an 18-year-old in 20 years from now, too.

Our Britney has always been might fine – and it is great to see Playboy point this out too. Would Britney do a Playboy shoot? Probably not, she is a mom now… That does not mean that we are not rooting to see a classy shoot anyways!

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Britney is a VEVO Brillionaire! 2.3 Billion views is a very strong feat.. judging by the fact that most of Britney’s videos were released pre-VEVO era! Can you imagine if Vevo was around during the start of Brit’s career? The counter would not know where to turn..

Congrats Brit! We are on track to make this figure rise really quick! Talking about high figures, check out this TMZ reveal this week… Man….to be Hannah Spears…..

Too bad you’re not one of Britney Spears‘ dogs, because if you were, she would treat you like a king … dropping tens of thousands of bucks on your every need.

TMZ just obtained records of Britney’s finances, filed in her conservatorship case, and the headline is all about the pooches. Brit dropped $24,720 in 2014 on pet care. And get a load of the breakdown — $14,720 on pet sitting, $300 a pop for the groomer, 12 visits to the animal hospital totalling more than $4k.

She can certainly afford it. According to the docs, the conservatorship raked in $14 million in gross profits in 2014 … and that’s only a portion of Britney’s fortune. A lot of her income is made outside the conservatorship.

But it’s expensive to be Britney. The $14 million was significantly whittled down, because she spent $5.7 million on stuff, that included $15,270 on meals and entertainment and $71,629 on grooming and wardrobe.

And this will make you feel poor. She spent $4k on Halloween decorations and another $6k on various holiday decorations.

BTW … she spent only $6k — on human gifts.

In all, Britney’s assets in her conservatorship total $45.9 million, and that’s just a portion of her fortune.

WOWEEE! Outrageous! Well.. we can only dream.. That is all for this week y’all! We will leave you with this hilarious Fan Pregnancy announcement – absolutely Brilliant!

See y’all next week!!

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