Carpool Karaoke producer: ‘Britney Spears got a bit shy at first!


Calm down everyone! Britney Spears is going to rock Carpool Karaoke tonight and we can’t wait to see what she has coming!

According to Ben Winston, the Executive Producer of James Corden’s “The Late Late Show”, stated that “Britney Spears was a bit shy and got a bit of a shock” when she took part in the carpool karaoke feature. Ben also told Colin Paterson that he “wasn’t convinced the star had seen any previous carpool episodes, I think she’d just heard it was a big thing, so she got a bit of a shock.”! We have always known that our Britney is always shy at first but once she gets comfortable she is “Britney Bitch”!

Be sure to tune into tonight to see Britney belting out some throwback tunes on “Carpool Karaoke” at 12:337am/11:37pm c!