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Aug 25, 2016

Britney Spears “Lifetime” movie does not have her blessing! @britneyspears

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PHEW! We are very happy to hear this news!

Britney-Galaxy will always be a positive website but when we posted the news about Lifetime creating a movie all about her life, we were very hesitant about posting it. When we read the news we thought to ourself “Is Britney even ok with this?”, well it looks like our gut was right, Britney Spears is not ok with this. According to Just Jared, Britney Spears team has confirmed to them “Britney will not be contributing in any way, shape or form to the Lifetime biopic nor does it have her blessing.” Britney-Galaxy.com can confirm this as well.


We are VERY happy to hear this news but also very angry at Lifetime! If Britney wanted this to happen we would fully support it but the fact they did this without her knowing is VERY wrong. The documentary was also probably going to be based on opinions instead of facts, which would not be cool at all. We are hoping Britney and her team put a stop to this documentary, because this is not right at all and unfair to Britney. The Britney Army gets very defensive when it comes to Britney specially when they try to use her for the icon she is. It’s really sad how people need to use celebrities just to make money for themselves. We support you 100% Britney and we hope you can put a stop to this.

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