Britney Spears will be the highest paid woman in 2019 when she returns to Las Vegas!

The Queen of Las Vegas is returining next year to Las Vegas and she will be the highest paid woman in 2019 beating Celine Dion! Britney Spears is set to return to Las Vegas at the MGM and set to rake in $500,000 (half a million) per show, starting with an initial two-year run, making her the highest-paid woman on the Strip! There were multiple rumors of Britney returning to Las Vegas but we at Absolute Britney can confirm that it is 100% true and Britney will be returning to Las Vegas in 2019!

Now the question is will the show be completely changed or will Britney be keeping the same “Piece Of Me” show. According to, “Britney will be reworking her Piece Of Me show, and built around the anniversary of her debut hit “Hit Me Baby” (….Baby One More Time)”.  We personally think Britney should change her entire show and rename it. We hope she adds a whole new set list with different songs, which we are sure Britney will be. We are excited for this next chapter for Britney! Who is excited and what do you hope Britney will change for her new residency?!?!