Dallas Gaston Meet and Greet story with @britneyspears! #PieceOfMe

meet and greet


Check out Britney Army Member, Dallas Gaston, meet and greet story with Britney Spears:

walked up and said “hey Britney, I’m Dallas! And she was like “it’s nice to meet you!” And I immediately pulled out my arm and said “I just wanted you to see this” and she was like “omg that is so cool!” Then looked to Larry and told him to look. Then we took the picture, I told her that I was so happy to meet her and how she changed my life and she was like “awe I’m so happy, thank you so much.” Then I said, “I’m seeing your show for my 30th birthday today” and she goes “OMG! DIRTY THIRTY!” (I died at that point!” And I go “Yes!! That’s my hashtag!” And then she started laughing really hard and thanked me again for coming to the show. It was everything. Thank you so much for everything Anthony!

LOL! What an AMAZING story!

We ARE so happy you had a wonderful time Dallas. Keep being flawless!