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Nov 30, 2015

Britney Spears posts a new selfie! #MTVStars


The Queen of reading posted a new adorable selfie on her Instagram account and said:

Yeah I know I’ve got a big forehead… but it was a really great book!

LOL! Your so CUTE Britney!

The book Britney has in her hand is titled “Plastic Tulips in the winter” by Denice Vickers.

Here is the synopsis of the book:

Denice is an all-out tomboy and proud of it. Her claim to fame is, she can burp louder than anyone on her street. And if need be, she can whoop any boy’s tail. Born in the Deep South in 1950 she is the third child of Nellie May, a beautiful red-head with deep emotional problems. Denice’s mother suffers from severe depression and struggles with every breath to raise her five children: Janice, the hippie; Pam, the beauty queen; Denice, the tomboy, and the two youngest, Lee Ann and Charlie. Charles, the father, is a con man, habitual liar, and self-proclaimed ladies’ man. He makes a buck anyway he can including coffee salesman, bootlegging, running a whorehouse, and a doctor. His lifestyle continually brings chaos and heartbreak to the home and drags them to the depths when he molests one of his children. On a cold morning Charles wakes Denice to help him plant Plastic Tulips In The Winter. “Daddy” she ask, “Why are we planting plastic tulips in the winter?” He answered her, “Because, when people drive by and see our tulips, we will be the only ones that can grow tulips in the winter.” Denice learns that a fatherless child grows up thinking all things are possible, but nothing is safe. She searches for the answer to the question: “Momma, are we there yet?” Get ready to laugh but keep the kleenex close by as you take this journey with Denice. As you read this coming of age book. You will say to everyone, “It is a must read.” It will be life changing for all that go on this journey with Denice.

Sounds interesting!

Click here to purchase the book.