Britney Spears’ Guide To Semiconductor Physics

It is extremely important for us to remember the time that our very own Queen Of Pop, Britney Spears, educated the masses with her* website, Britney Spears’ Guide To Semiconductor Physics back in the year 2000. No other artist has managed to be a ‘Jack of all trades’ quite like Ms. Spears does, further proof that any other artist is mundane in comparison to say the least.

Now Britney did not just make up these facts, in fact her* website information comes from years of hard work and perseverance and a well educated background. Need proof? Well here is our very own Queen B’s graduation pic alongside Heisenberg, Pickard and the (equally) world famous, Einstein.

Britney’s* aim was to ensure that Physics was not seen as a boring subject and showed that learning new information can be extremely fun:

And extraordinarily Sexy of course… Whilst lying in bed, why focus your attention to pie, when you can think of more exciting things, like Pi instead..

Learning has never been more fun! Britney also took a stand for all the women out there, by showing the female anatomy has so much more to offer. Instead of just staring, why not use it to train your brain?

Is there anything that Britney cannot master? Her talents are endless. Now stop with this Trump fiasco, and let’s focus our attention on who really deserves to be the president of the United States..

Now what are you waiting for? Go and expand your knowledge by clicking HERE. If after all of that you have some more space for new information take some time to find out more about the site by reading THIS brilliant article.

* Carl Hepburn is in fact the originator of the site, but let’s keep that a secret….