Britney Spears again showed the world why she is the Queen of the #VMAs

queen 6

It’s been a while……..

Britney knows she shouldn’t have kept you waiting…..

but she showed the world last night…….

“It’s Britney BITCH!”

Last night Britney and G-Eazy took the MTV Video Music Award stage and all we can say is: EPIC! Britney definitely put on a “show” last night and it was certainly all eyes on her last night during her VMAs performance. Queen B’s fierceness, confidence, hot dance moves, iconic hair flips, and most of all her happiness on stage is back! It was so great to see Britney own the VMA stage again like it was the year 2000 all over again, but this time it was a little bit more of mature performance. Britney has grown so much throughout the years and she definitely delivered a one hell of a performance last night. We could not be anymore proud of her amazing performance last night and she definitely showed the world that she still is the Queen of the VMAs! Check out the full performance of Britney and G-Eazy’s VMAs performance below:

We still can not get over the fact that Britney sang “Me Myself and I” last night, we need a release of that cover version ASAP!!