Britney-Galaxy Exclusive: Interview With Jimmy Harry!!

touch 2 conducted a mini-interview with Jimmy Harry who produced Britney’s song Touch of My Hand! Jimmy discussed several aspects of his career & of course his work with Britney. Jimmy also told an exclusive reveal an unreleased song title from the In The Zone sessions!! Check out his interview below:

Britney-Galaxy: When did you know you wanted to work in music production?
Jimmy: It happened by accident. I was more interested in doing music for film but I made a song with Ru Paul called “Supermodel” for a laugh and it became a little hit. It sort inspired a career change.

Britney-Galaxy: What is your favorite thing about being a producer?
Jimmy: Everything! The music, the people. It still feels more like a hobby than a job.

Britney-Galaxy: Out of all the artists you’ve worked with already, which one was the most surreal?
Jimmy: RuPaul was easily the most surreal artist I worked with

Britney-Galaxy: What artists are on your production bucket list?
Jimmy: Not enough space for that one but I would have loved to have worked with David Bowie.

Britney-Galaxy: How did you initially begin working with Britney?
Jimmy: I had written a song called “Strip” (which I still love) she recorded as part of the In The Zone session, but Christina released her record Stripped and it was released just as we were finishing the sessions

Britney-Galaxy: Can you tell us a little more about “Strip” & “Stay”?
Jimmy: I wrote “Stay” with Brit & produced the track. Shep helped with the writing a little bit. “Strip” was a song I wrote with Shep that Britney and her manager Larry wanted her to cut. “Strip” was my favorite song. I really think it would have been great for her if she released it, but such is life. “Stay” is very ‘Ray of Light’ era Madonna.

Britney-Galaxy: Britney has stated that Touch of my Hand was the first track she did for the record that really established the overall vibe of the album, how did that track come to be? Will you sorta talk us through the writing and production process?
Jimmy: I had the track sitting around and she really liked it. Balewa and her started the verse and then Shep and I jumped in to help write the pre and write the chorus topline. Touch Of My Hand was my concept, which I managed to slip in there without anyone noticing. Once the vocals were finished I took the session back to my studio and worked on the track for a bit until everyone was happy with it and then it was done.

Britney-Galaxy: Did you ever get to see her perform Touch of My Hand live at her Onyx Hotel tour?
Jimmy: No I didn’t sadly.

 Britney-Galaxy: She recently added Touch of my Hand to her Vegas show! She loves the song alot. Will you be seeing her show in Vegas anytime soon?
Jimmy: No plans but I Would love to see her perform “Touch Of My Hand”

Britney-Galaxy: How many songs did you record with Britney?
Jimmy: 3 songs. “Touch Of My Hand”, “Strip”, & “Stay”

Britney Galaxy: Do you have any fun stories from your time recording with Brit?
Jimmy: Well some where in the TOMH session I had her record some lines from Alice In Wonderland. It never made it on the record, but I remember all of us laughing a lot.

Britney-Galaxy: What was her personal songwriting process like with you?
Jimmy: Pretty much the usual. Everyone throwing out Ideas, seeing what would stick. Laughing a lot.

Britney-Galaxy: Wonderland is another song you did with Britney, tell us a little bit about the track.
Jimmy: I wrote lyrics for that one but didn’t record it with her

Britney-Galaxy: What type of song is Wonderland?
Jimmy: An Electronic vibe from what I remember

Britney-Galaxy: Who produced it?
Jimmy: I can’t remember who produced Wonderland

Britney-Galaxy: What are you up to nowadays?
Jimmy: I’m still working a lot. Lots of cool records out there. Check out my wikipedia and you can see what I’ve bee up to

Britney-Galaxy: Given the chance to work with Britney again, would you?
Jimmy: Of course!!! I love her

Britney-Galaxy: Thank you so much, have an amazing week!
Jimmy: You too!!!!!!

Thank you very much for speaking with Jimmy and also we are DYING to hear the song “Strip &Stay”.

Thank you to our flawless member, redbloodedwoman, for conducting this interview for us!

If you are using this interview please credit! Thank you!