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Jun 26, 2014

Britney and David Break Up Rumors Rage On

RUMORS flying everywhere claiming that Britney & David broke up!!! X17 online reported earlier today that pair broke up some time ago. Their so-claimed source revealed that Britney has been focusing more on her boys after the breakup as she is seeking solace in them.

“Although Britney hasn’t released any official statement yet regarding the reasons of the breakup, it’s possible that the stress of her Vegas residency was too much for the couple” added the source.

Apart from the fact that the pair were spotted grabbing lunch together few days ago, a source revealed to MailOnline that the pair are still going strong. ”It’s not true, he’s just away at the moment, and they’re still a couple” said the source.

Time to give our girl a break already & let her do what she feels like doing.

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