Brian Friedman stomps the ground with “Overprotected”!

Britney’s iconic choreographer, Brian Friedman, posted a video on his social media platforms of himself and a couple of dancers performing Britney’s iconic dance moves from her music video “Overprotected” dark child remix 2001. Brain posted saying:

ORIGINAL Choreo for a cause! My choreography from @britneyspears#Overprotected Dark Child Remix music video 2001 featuring 2 of the dancers in the video, @brooke_lipton & @nancianderson, 2 of the dancers that danced it on the #DreamWithinADream tour, @espinosa22 who danced it on the #OnyxHotelTour and yours truly! We came together for the #MVOworkshop to raise money for @danzingdonny who is battling cancer ❤️ Watch the full video on my YT channel • Link in bio! Filmed by @sldeandirector at @movementlifestyle#brianfriedmanchoreography#bfreeglobal

Fucking ICONIC. We want Brian back as Britney’s choreographer, like NOW!