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Jan 3, 2016

#B9 makes Forbes top 10 most anticipated pop albums of 2016!! @britneyspears


Talk about an iconic article! It seems that EVERYONE is REALLY anticipating for Britney’s 9th studio album, because it’s going to be iconic. Forbes recently wrote the top 10 most anticipated pop albums of 2016 and of course #B9 made the list:

Britney Spears

She may have recently renewed her Las Vegas residency for another two years, but that doesn’t mean that Britney Spears is done with new music. The superstar has been sharing periodic updates from the studio, letting fans know that she is hard at work on what will be her ninth album. After the electronic dance music-focused Britney Jean failed to perform nearly as well as its predecessors, this coming record should be something of a comeback, but that’s nothing that Spears isn’t used to.

#B9 is coming for your faves!!!

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