Petition: Stop Britney Spears Lifetime Biopic!!

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With much dismay, Britney-Galaxy is sad to report that despite the public protesting of her fans, the Lifetime Network has chosen to move ahead with their plans for a Britney Spears biopic film. According to Buzzfeed, the project (which is being tentatively referred to as the ‘Britney Spears Lifetime Biopic’) has already been casted for, and the filming process appears to already be underway.

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When the news first broke about Lifetime’s plans to make a movie portraying the life and struggles of America’s favorite pop princess, fans were quick to get confirmation from Britney’s team that Britney herself “[would] not be contributing [to the film] in any way, shape or form … nor does it have her blessing!” The fact that Lifetime is going against the wishes of the very artist in which they are trying to portray has left Britney’s fans very upset.

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We here at Britney-Galaxy find it very said that anyone would feel the need to create a project revolving around someone’s tumultuous past in order to gain viewers or to maximize profits, especially when that individual has worked so hard to leave the images of that past behind them. To us, it seems unsupportive, disrespectful, and inconsiderate of Miss Spears, who has come so far and is so very deserving of positive support after all of these years. It is so clear to us, and to many of her fans, that Britney is currently very happy in her life, and that she is at the top of her game just doing what it is she loves to do. The focus should be on that, and not on the memories of incidences that occurred over ten years ago.

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It is for these reasons that has decided to start a petition to stop this movie from continuing. It is safe to assume that without the input of Britney herself, the movie cannot be based on facts; instead, it can only be based on the hearsay, speculations, misinterpretations, rumors, and lies that have circled around her for years through both the tabloids and false media coverage. To that, we are saying “NO!” We don’t want it, we won’t support it, and we will have no part in watching it! We are passionate about shutting this project down, so we are asking that the Britney Army take the time to unite with us in stopping it. Click here to sign our petition, and please help us in spreading the word! We want this to go viral so let’s work together to stop this from happening! We Stand with Britney!

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