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Apr 9, 2016

A Timeline of Britney Spears Mansions!

house 2

Britney has moved into 10 homes since her “…baby one more time days.” E news has listed all of the homes Britney has lived in during her career:

Britney Spears has moved in and out of 10 homes since hitting it big in 1999, and—Oops! She did it again!—the singer has put yet another mansion up for sale.
The Princess of Pop is selling her $9 million home in Thousand Oaks, Calif., which she’s been renting since 2011, in order to move into a new estate she purchased in the same area last October.
The real estate news got us thinking about all the homes Brit Brit has lived in before, and as we did our research, there’s definitely no coincidence between the buying and selling of her mansions and the different steps she’s taken in her successful career

Let’s take a tripe down memory lane, shall we?

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