Spotlight on Britney Army fan: Ryan Macintrye!


Here at we LOVE featuring the fans on our Mainpage, especially since BG is ALL about the Britney Army! This week we are featuring Britney Army fan, Ryan Macintrye, who has answered are BG fan questions.

1) What started you to love Britney Spears?

My Love for Britney actually came at a very young age. I was 6 years old when she first released …Baby One More Time, and though I was too little to really process the music, I enjoyed it.
My Mom actually has a video of me, lord knows where it is, of me, with my shirt tied, dancing like Britney in the video…WHEN I WAS 6. Lol, I was destined to be a fan, and I have never stopped being one, and loving her.
Her MuchMusic Video Awards performance of Baby One More Time in 1999, was the moment I became a stan (and didn’t even know it!)

2) What was your first Britney Spears concert? 

The topics of Britney Concerts is a sore one for me. My first concert ever, and first Britney concert was supposed to be The Onyx Hotel Tour, but my showdate (The 2nd Toronto Show at Molson Ampitheatre) was cancelled due to her Knee injury.
After that, my first Britney concert was going to The Circus Tour, but that too fell through unfortunately because of some unexpected issues. However, FINALLY, I got to see Britney live for the first time at the Femme Fatale Tour. It was fantastic, I loved it!

3) What is your favorite Britney Spears concert?

Favorite Britney Concert? Oh my god. That’s tough. Since I’ve only seen Femme Fatale, it’s hard to judge fairly, but in my opinion, The Onyx Hotel Tour was the best. It was a unique concept, her choreography was on point, her costumes were beautiful, and to me, it’s
the tour that had everything that made Britney, Britney. Not to mention, Everytime on the Piano? Beats every thing she’s ever done!

4) What is your favorite Britney perfume? 

As a guy, I can’t really wear her perfumes alone, but personally, I like to spray a little mist of Midnight Fantasy onto myself, as it mixes in with the cologne I wear really nicely, and creates a unique scent that’s got a feminine twist in it’s masculine smell (much like me as a person! haha)
It’s really time for Britney to come out with a men’s cologne, like….it really is. Us gays need it!


5) What is your favorite Britney Spears song?

OH NO, WE CAN’T PLAY THIS GAME. There is not enough time in the world to discuss the topic of “favorite Britney song” – I HAVE TOO MANY!
However, the sake of this, I am going to say “Seal It With A Kiss” from Femme Fatale. I don’t know what it is, but I will NEVER skip that song. I am so in love. Definitely the most underrated Femme Fatale track!

6) What is your favorite unreleased Britney song? 

Oh god, this is probably even harder. I love all of them, and having them on AudioBritneyBeats on YouTube makes my obsession with her unreleased so much easier to deal with.
Eeek, I’d have to say that I really love “When I Say So” and “(Tell Me) Am I A Sinner?” that it’s pretty much a tie.
“Am I a Sinner?” almost feels like a song she wrote for the gays, and I actually really relate to it, where as “When I Say So” makes me feel like a Diva ready to take what’s mine!

7) What is your favorite photoshoot Britney has done?

All these Favorites! Gunna kill me! So hard to pick…like her new FLAUNT Magazine shoot is so artistic, but I think I’m going to say V Magazine (2011 issue, with the triple covers).
The simplicity of the shoot was beautiful, and her styling was fantastic, plus, the 3 cover ideas was awesome. I bought all 3 covers!

8) Have you ever met Britney before, if so explain what you said to her!

Sadly, I have not meet Britney before. It’s on the bucket list though! VEGAS I’M COMING!
If I could say anything to her, it would be a Thank You. Thank you for being one of my idols, strongest role models, and showing me that being yourself and staying true to yourself is the only way to truly be happy, and to make the impact you want in the world.

9) What do you admire about Britney?

The thing I love most about Britney, is her humbleness, and her heart. She is one of the biggest stars on the planet, but you wouldn’t know it looking at her, and witnessing her actions.
She’s always been so kind, so loving, and so humble in her career & her everyday life that it makes me want to live a better life, and follow her example. Despite the fact the world & the media will always try to tear her down, she’s always managed to maintain her
beautiful, giving, caring nature. I live for the fact she will leave the dance studio or gym, or go shopping, in sweatpants & a ratty hair-bun, because, that’s life! That’s every day people, and despite the fact she’s worth 200 million dollars, she shops like she’s regular folk.
To me, there is not a single pop-star out there who is as real as Britney. She doesn’t hide behind personas, she doesn’t hide behind a man, she doesn’t hide behind her sexually….she owns it.

10) What is your favorite Britney TV moment?

My favorite Britney TV moment, is without a doubt, her TV role on Will & Grace. It was fantastic, and the best acting she’s ever done (Sorry Crossroads! I Love You!). Her character was amazing, and Britney nailed it.
I also loved that Britney made it a mission to let her gay fans know, that despite not being as vocal about our rights like others, she is still 100% on our side, stands with us, and wants to laugh along side us.
The role definitely helped cement her status as a gay icon to me.

11) Favorite Britney quote?

“I hate defining myself, I Just Am” – is by far my favorite Britney quote, and something I truly believe. I like to think I am made up of many components, and defining myself, and putting labels on myself, only diminish and degrade those components, and limits my thinking into the things I can and cannot do.
Britney taught me I could do anything I put my mind too, and that trying to define things only becomes an obstacle in the way.

12) Why do you love Britney Spears?

Again, a lot of why I love Britney, is the same reason I admire her. She’s real. She’s us. She’s never pretended to be something she’s not. Add in her music, and well, how could you not?
Her music makes me feel emotions, but that’s only half the reason I love her. I love her because of who she is as a person, how she presents herself, and her phoenix like strength!

13) Favorite song off “Glory”?

Eeek! Back to the picking favourites….omg. Glory is so good though. I’m gunna say, it’s a tie, between Love Me Down and Liar!


14) What do you think the next single off “Glory” should be?

Slumber Party. Without a doubt. It’s become the most streamed non-promo single off the album, it’s a major fan favorite (which means MASSIVE efforts to ensure it’s a hit on radio,etc), but also because it’s a very radio friendly track, while stepping outside Britney’s usual radio smasha formula.
It’s a song that I think would give the GP a different view of Britney, and would definitely garner radio support….plus, THE VIDEO WOULD BE AMAZING.

15) What is your favorite Britney Spears album?

In The Zone. Without a doubt. I love every song on the album..yes, even Brave New Girl <3

16) Has Britney ever helped you or inspired you in your life?

My previous answers have sort of touched on this, so yes, definitely. I try to follow her lead in the way she treats people, how she presents herself, and try to match her work ethic.
She’s been a figure in my life since I was 6. She’s very much “MOM” in the way that she has helped shamed the man I’ve become, including giving me the strength to be proud of who I am, come out of the closet, and live my life as the true me.
Not to mention she showed not just Britney Army, but the world, that no matter how hard you may fall, you can & will rise higher and higher then you ever did before. She’s a major inspiration & influence on my life.

She’s also the reason why I have chosen a career in the music industry. I want to discover more talent, and artists like her.

17) Are you seeing Britney’s vegas show anytime?

Ugh! I want to so bad, but right now, I have so much going on in life, that it’s just not financially there. I do have till the end of 2017 though, so I might be able to do it!

happy 1.jpg

18) Anything you would like to tell Britney if she was reading this?

Um, the thought of Britney reading this just made my eyes water. omg. If I could tell Britney anything, as if she was reading this….It would be the following:

“Dear Britney, From the moment I heard your music, I knew I was a fan. Little did I know the true impact that you have on my life. Thank you for showing me that I had the strength to overcome the things that stood in my way.
Thank you for showing me that I can always rise above, no matter how hard I fall. Thank you for being you in every way, Thank you for the countless songs & music videos you have given us. Thank you for the entertainment. Just Thank You.
You have made a difference in countless lives across the world, including mine, and you should be so proud of everything you have ever achieved. Britney Army is.

I love you. Truly. You’ve been an inspiration my whole life, and I’m proud myself, to say, that will never stop! Keep doing you, slaying the stage and showing the world that they cannot, and will not, ever get rid of you!

Love, Ryan Macintyre”

Thank you Ryan for answering our questions and being our feature of the week! We love you and thank you for always being a flawless Britney Army fan!!