17th Anniversary Of The 1999 Rolling Stone Cover! @britneyspears



Yesterday marked the 17th anniversary of the iconic 1999 Rolling Stone Cover of Britney Spears! Would you believe it has been 17 years since that cover was released?!

Here’s a Rolling Stone segment about the cover and photoshoot:

This cover may not seem shocking now, but when it came out in 1999 Britney Spears was just 17 – and hadn’t even dipped her toes into a scandal. Even back then, she knew exactly what she was doing. Photographer David LaChapelle vividly recalls the late night shoot when Britney stripped down to her underwear until her shocked manager walked into the room. He demanded to know what was going on. “She went, ‘Yeah, I don’t feel comfortable,'” says the photographer. “At first I felt betrayed. But as soon as he walked out, Britney said ‘Lock the door’ and unbuttoned her shirt wide open.”

Make sure to read the full article here!


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