#WhyDontYouDoSomethin fan charity/outreach program!

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The Britney Army really is amazing.

Britney Army fans over in the Philippines have created an awesome outreach and charity program that was launched in 2013 when a super typhoon hit the area.  Check our the details on the donation below:

WHY DON’T YOU DO SOMETHIN’ is our fanclub’s charity/outreach program that was launched last 2013 when a super typhoon hit our area (you may google: “Haiyan” a.k.a. “Yolanda” – one of the strongest typhoons of all time). Our annual celebration for Britney’s birthday was even cancelled because of the back to back tragedies that happened in Visayas, Philippines: earthquake last October 2013 and super typhoon last December 2013.

Last year, we had to cancel again the Britney’s birthday celebration because another typhoon (google: #RubyPH) hit during the sched of our party.

Thankfully, this year there was no typhoon and our annual “Happy BRIT Day” party was successful. However, we feel there’s a need for us to DO SOMETHIN’ again. The past 2 years had been a very fulfilling experience. Seeing the kids smile while we hand them their gifts is really priceless.

We are lucky that we stan for a person who has a good heart. We want to emulate Britney’s benevolence. So we are knocking on the kind hearts of the #BritneyArmy to do their part, to DO SOMETHIN’to make the kids happier this Christmas.

We may accept cash donation for us to buy the following stuff:
*school supplies
*food (chocolates, candies, biscuits, etc.)

Only donors from Cebu, Philippines can donate in kind or goods.

Wow. What a beautiful cause.

Click here to donate and show your support.

#BritneyArmy FOREVER!