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Feb 5, 2018

Walid Kushtoban Meet and Greet story with Britney Spears! @britneyspears

Our fan features on our main page are back in action! This weeks spolight is on Britney Army member, Walid Kushtoban, who will be sharing his Meet and greet story with Britney! See below:

It took me 18 years to meet this GORGEOUS soul and every second of it was far away from reality!! I congratulated her on her big win at the people choice awards, we talked about the gift I wanted to give her 5 years ago at the Femme Fatal tour (Painting with her kids names in Arabic Calligraphy Sean and Jayden ) but I couldn’t since I missed my meet and greet opportunity during the femme fatale tour as I mixed up the dates. I thanked her for retweeting my make me dance video and thinking my dance moves were flawless ! Then it was gift time, gave fee the painting from 5 years back along with a new Sowervski dress from the amazing AAVVA Designers Ahmad Mar & Vincenzo Visciglia which they did specially for her! She was sooo touched about what happened to me 5 years back and couldn’t be more thankful for the dress  such a humble QUEEN! She was so kind and couldn’t be more welcoming, we laughed about my tattoos since I have all her tattoos at the exact same spot and color (even Larry her manager thought I was crazy) when the security told me it was about time to leave, we decided to do a cool pose rather than a normal boring picture. So I asked her to pretend to kiss me while I have a shocked face and yes she couldn’t contain herself laughing at my request!! Finally before leaving (since no one was allowed to touch her) I asked her for a hug and with all cuteness she said “AWW for sure sweetie” with a sweet kiss to top it all … Thank you for always being an inspiration, the sweetest person on EARTH, my dance MENTOR and simply ICONIC!!! DREAM CHECKED <3 It’s Britney BITCH 😉

Thanks for your awesome story! If anyone is interested submitting their meet and greet stories you can email us at [email protected]