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Nov 12, 2015

VOTE: Britney spears “Baby one more time” music video! @hannahspears @britneyspears

baby one

Hit us baby one more time!

Britney ARMY it is time to get our game faces on and vote for Britney Spears “Baby one more time” music video for pop crush poll Greatest Pop Video Of The Modern Era!

The pigtails. The Catholic schoolgirl uniform. That round-off back handspring. Even if you’ve never seen any other Britney video (which, how?), you’ve seen Britney’s iconic debut music video. “Iconic” feels like an understatement, really: At the time, the American Dream was just 17 years old — and already causing panic in the industry (I mean, please!) with her shimmying, scandalous performance.
Fun fact: The teacher at the beginning of the video is played by her real life assistant and family friend Felicia Culotta, who still works with Britney to this day. Also, here’s some great timing: As of today, we now know the real meaning behind the song!

Current Britney is LOSING to backstreet boys but we know the Britney army can fix this.

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PS: Make sure you ALSO are voting for Britney Spears for this years people choice awards.

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