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Mar 29, 2017

The Britney Spears World Tour – What We Know…

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would by now already know (and already freaked out multiple times) that our very own Queen Of Pop has answered our prayers with a world tour!

Holy Mother of Cheetos and Fanta – we cannot believe that we are actually writing about this! We cannot contain our excitement!! Now, we broke the news about Tel Aviv a week ago, but Manila is another date to add to your diary!

An epic $6 million box office from Tel Aviv alone!! There are very limited tickets left for this 50 000 capacity venue!! Yes folks – almost a sell out in 24 hours!! QUEEN! Other places that are strongly hinted at the moment are:

London/ Paris /Madrid – all rumoured for July

Rio/Cape Town/Buenos Aires – focusing on the later half of 2017

Fingers crossed our sources have it right! Cape Town seems likely as Britney is focusing on places she has never been to before – which is AMAZING! If rumours are to be believed Japan and Mexico also have a surprise coming soon!

It is also believed that the tour will focus on Britney’s smash album ‘Glory’ as opposed to the current Vegas set list.


Make sure to visit UNIVERSE to discuss places you really want Britney to visit… remember your opinion matters, you never know who is watching!

We cannot be more ready!!