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Jan 31, 2016

Spotlight on #BritneyArmy member Nigel May! @britneyspears

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It’s time to wrap up this month’s Britney Army member of the month! Our last lucky fan is all the way from Ocean Spring, MS. Let’s say hello to 29 year old Nigel Cameron May!

1) When did you become a Britney Spears fan?
1998. I remember the first time I heard “…Baby One More Time.” I was 13 and it came on the car radio and I turned it up and remember saying out loud, “who is this?!” because I didn’t recognize the voice. I was waiting to hear them say who it was when the song ended, but I think it went to a commercial or something. Not long after that, I saw the video on MTV and was totally blown away. I loved the song and the video just made me an instant fan. I’m pretty sure I was talking about Britney Spears the very next day at school and never stopped.

2) What is your favorite song?
Gosh, this changes. I have a go-to song for different types of days. In the interest of nailing down an all-time favorite, though, I would have to say “Overprotected.” When the song first came out, I didn’t appreciate it the way I do today. Of course, I was completely slayed by the Darkchild Remix video…that attitude and strobe light dance sequence…so many Holy Spearit moments! But the lyrics didn’t resonate with me until later in my life. When I hit that stage where I started to ask myself the questions Britney was asking in that song, it made so much more sense! We’re all overprotected to a certain degree because up until a certain point, we only know what we’re told. Then, one day, you start to wonder and examine yourself, and it’s overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. “Overprotected” helps you understand that’s it’s ok to be you, it’s gonna be alright, and to trust your instincts. It’s just the perfect life anthem. I want to add, too, that the original video for that song is SO underrated! The symbolism and execution is brilliant! Everybody involved in the making of that video, including Britney, should be really proud of it!

3) Why are you a Britney Spears fan?
In the beginning, Britney captivated me with her confidence and talent. What’s kept me a fan for all these years is that that feeling has never faded. When I watch her perform, or do anything, really, I still get those same butterflies of excitement I did when I was 13. I don’t know a life where I’m not a Britney fan, that would be weird to me lol… A major thing, too, has been getting to know Britney, the person. Being in awe of her fierceness is great, but then there’s this sweet, polite, and incredibly humble person behind that fire. Respect is earned and Britney is a testament to that. I can’t think of another artist who has spent more time saying, “thank you” to the world than, “you’re welcome.” I don’t doubt for a second that Britney appreciates her fans as much as we appreciate her!

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4) Has Britney Spears ever helped you with a struggle or anything in life?
Absolutely! Britney’s music is a constant in my life, so I feel like she’s been there with me through it all. The biggest struggle in my life coincided with the time Britney was also dealing with unfortunate life stuff. I don’t want to dredge up the past, but it is part of my story. I was born, raised, and still live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit us hard, along with New Orleans. My family and I left town before the storm came in and came back once it had passed. What we came back to was nothing. Everything I had ever known was either completely gone or totally destroyed, including my home and almost everything I owned. This was the year after I graduated high school. I didn’t truly grasp it at the time, but that devastation had a big impact on me. That “I’m going to take on the world!” feeling you have when you’re 18 and finally feeling independent, felt like it was snatched from my hands. In the year after the storm, more unwanted changes came. Part of my family dissolved and I had lost touch with my best friend. I was totally deflated and it sent me into a bad depression. I’m a true Virgo, very level-headed and organized. But during that time I reached a point where I let the chaos take the wheel. I wasn’t sad so I didn’t identify the depression immediately. I just knew I wasn’t myself and I was making decisions that weren’t the best for me. Doing things I knew were dangerous. This was the same time I was watching Britney go through a similar situation, as far as behavior that people didn’t understand. I was scared for myself and for her. I talked to a counselor a couple of times, but decided to fight the fog I was in by myself. By the time I made that decision, I had just met my now boyfriend, and Britney was back. I watched her 2007 VMA performance and was SO excited to see her back onstage. I know what the general public saw. But, what I saw, was Britney. I saw a new start and a person I admired and respected, getting back up and saying enough’s enough. Her perseverance and courage throughout that time and when she came back helped me do the same thing. I’m happy to report that today, like Britney, I feel like my old self…but better! My boyfriend stuck by side and we’re still together, almost 9 years later. And I have Britney to thank for being a major part of that happening.

5) Has Britney Spears taught you anything that helps you in life?
I WENT TO THE SCHOOL OF BRITNEY SPEARS! Haha. She’s taught me everything! I learned to be confident in who I am, figure out what my dreams are and to go after them, from her. I also learned that you have to WORK, bitch! (I don’t really want anything mentioned in that song, besides a hot body, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t motivate me to get in gear! lol)

6) What is your favorite Britney Tour?
It’s a tie! I have to pick two because the Circus Tour was my first Britney concert and it was just so amazing that I can’t not mention it. But, if I could go back in time and do anything in this world, it would be to attend the Dream Within A Dream Tour! That HBO special…I will probably never not watch those videos. The clothes and hair and attitude, the songs, it’s all just so good. Pure perfection!

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7) What is your favorite Britney photo shoot?
2011 Out Magazine. Those photos capture Britney’s essence in a really simple and artistic way. I love that they’re black-and-white. I love the Madonna homage for the cover. The first picture I ever drew of Britney was actually from that shoot.

8) Have you ever met Britney?
No. I can’t even with that. I’m amazed every time I see a meet-and-greet photo because people are so composed! I would need a red-eye expert to edit my photo…

9) If you met Britney what was it like?
I’ve had a few dreams where I met Britney…does that count? lol

10) Which tours have you been to?
The Circus Tour and Femme Fatale Tour, both in New Orleans, LA. The Circus Tour was really special because my boyfriend and I drove up to Kentwood the day before the show. That was the first time I’d ever been to Britney’s hometown. And it was opening night for the tour, so that was really cool, being among the first to see the show. I totally cried when she descended from the ceiling and I remember grabbing my boyfriend’s arm and saying, “Look at me! I’m crying!,” haha, because we were so far away, I just didn’t expect that reaction out of myself.

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11) Name one thing that pops into your head when you hear Britney Spears’ name
“DID THEY SAY BRITNEY SPEARS?!” That always sparks a level of excitement and anxiety for me! But in the best way. I’m always down to discuss, defend, or celebrate the Queen!

12) What makes you a Britney army fan?
I love that we’re a fan base. There’s a sense of community where maybe people who don’t know quite where they fit in, feel like they belong. When people ask me about my dedication to Britney (we all have those friends), the best thing I can ever compare it to is the loyalty some people have to sports teams. That’s the feeling I get by being part of the Britney Army. We’re ride or die’s. We might not always agree, and we might not even all like each other, but it’s like family. Nobody’s moving out of the house. I love that we have each other. I’ve been lucky enough to make some great friends and connect with some amazing people. One of my best friends, Janessa, I met through Britney. We don’t live anywhere near each other, and we’ve never met, but we talk almost daily, and not just about Britney! I’m really grateful, it’s rare to meet someone who “gets it” when it comes to Britney AND gets YOU! I wouldn’t even be writing this if the Britney Army didn’t exist and didn’t have kind, generous people in it. It’s #BritneyArmy FOREVER, bitch!

13) Have you ever done or started anything for Britney in her honor?
I baked her a birthday cake! In 2013 I made a “Work Bitch” inspired cake on her birthday and it was a HOT MESS! lol I think I made up for it last year, though, when I threw a Britney-themed party for my own birthday. We all dressed up and the food was all coordinated by album. My friends couldn’t have been more into it. Britney retweeted our group photo, too, so I think she appreciated the effort lol.

14) Have you been to her Vegas show?
No. Making that trip from Mississippi to Las Vegas just hasn’t been in the cards, yet. Thank God for more shows!

15) If Britney spears was reading this right now what would you want her to know?
Good question… I would want her to know that I am grateful that she pursued her dreams through hard work, passion, and perseverance because she’s inspired me to do the same. As proud as I am of her, I hope to make her proud, too.

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FB: Nigel Cameron
Twitter/IG: @cameronwalle
I’m a freelance Artist and Product Designer. My motto is “I believe in creative movement,” because I don’t want to put a limit on what ‘I do.’ I have ideas that involve many mediums and I hope to share them all with you this year! My latest venture involves Britney and a product idea. A lot of you have seen it and I can’t thank you enough for sharing it! You can read more about that, my previous Britney idea, and my goal for these HERE: https://m.facebook.com/Nigel-Cameron-472743552833314/?tsid=0.9174792310222983&source=typeahead&hc_location=ufi#!/story.php?story_fbid=931312686976396&id=472743552833314

Britney-Galaxy, Your support means the world and everything you do for the fans is amazing!
Anthony, You’re such a great friend. Thank you for reaching out to me and giving me this opportunity.
Britney Addicts, You guys are INCREDIBLE. I’m lucky to have you in my life and I love you!
The Chronicles of Britney, Y’all give me LIFE on a daily basis. Flawless group of stans – shoutout to Michael Meredith – your excitement about my art is appreciated SO MUCH!

Thanks for being an amazing person Nigel! Keep being flawless and spreading your talents to the world!