Spotlight on Britney Spears impersonator “Michaela Weeks”!

Happy Sunday Britney Army!

Today we are featuring our “Britney Army Spotlight” on famous Britney Spears impersonator, Michaela Weeks. Michaela was very kind enough to chat with Absolute Britney! Check out Michaela interview below:

1) What made you want to be a Britney Spears impersonator?

I used to get compared to Britney all the time, at first friends and family would say how we looked alike, then with time strangers started to shout “britney!” To me In shopping malls, then builders started singing “oops I did it again” to me when I passed them! Obviously I was very flattered, then one day my mum saw an advert for a TV show that we’re looking for people who looked like celebrities… so I went and auditioned, and the rest is history!

2) What is your favorite song to perform when you are impersonating Britney?

I love ‘Toxic’ because I love impersonating Britney’s facial expressions that she did so much in her Toxic performances, but Iv also recently added “Boys” to my show so I’m loving performing that at the moment too!

3) How long have you been impersonating Britney?

I started as a “Lookalike” after I’d been to the TV auditions I mentioned earlier, but I didn’t do too much because I was only 15 years old at the time. I started to take it more seriously when I turned 19 – so I tend to count from then, which means Iv been doing it for about 11 years!!!!

4) Do you like the same things that Britney likes?

Yes absolutely! Iv recently got into yoga, which I am loving, and I love having dance lessons – I totally get how britney says it’s like therapy for her! I feel that too! Family time is also very important to me, and I’m actually quite a shy person too like Our Brit!

5) Does anyone ever stop you while you are out in public, since you look just like Britney?

Awh thank you, but no, day to day I am just me, I don’t wear much make up really and I live in quite a small town so everyone just knows I am me, besides I don’t think anyone around here expects to see Britney Spears walking through the town centre ?? haha can you imagine!

6) Do you do anything else besides impersonating Britney?

If so tell us a little bit about it!I recently joined the haircare brand “Monat” – They launched in the UK last week and I’m super excited to be a part of it! You guys in America get all the good products so I’m stoked we’re getting a piece of the pie at last!!! ?

7) Where are you form?

I live in a small town between two cities called Nottingham and Derby, in England!

8) When did you start to love Britney Spears?

Since Baby hit our screens! I loved the music video and It was in the school holidays (summer break to you guys?) before I was due to start senior school, and I remember thinking “wow I hope my new school is like this!” Haha –  it wasn’t!!!

9) How often do you perform? 
I perform most weekends, at bars, clubs, birthday parties, weddings and since Britney’s Vegas residency; Casinos too!! ? (Thanks Brit!)
10) Do you have a favorite costume of Britney’s that you love to perform in?
I love the toxic outfit – I have too many special memories tied to that costume to not love it, but it’s near on impossible to perform in due to the short skirt and cut-out chest area ?? So to perform in I love my rip-off suit, VMAs style!!!
11) What is your favorite thing about Britney Spears? 
I love that she is so humble and grounded and I love her personality – I think she is so relatable! Plus she is so entertaining too… can I just say everything?? My favourite thing about Britney Spears is Everything!!!
12) You met Britney Spears before during her “Piece Of Me” leg. Can you tell us the story and how it all happened.

That night was insane! I was in Vegas with my then-to-be husband, Craig, and I decided I had to go out dressed as Britney for Halloween! I got tickets to the show and met loads of fans and we all had pictures together before the show! When I entered the Axis theatre the staff upgraded my tickets to the Pitts, saying they loved my outfit! I was so excited! Myself and Craig went down to the pits before the show and then this lady came over and said to me “You have won BritneyWeen! Britney hand picked you herself – you get to sit in the VIP section, congratulations!” Absolute’s shocked and amazed I thanked her and asked her to thank Britney for me too, as we made our way to the VIP tables… just as I was about to turn to Craig and scream he pointed behind me to say someone else had come over, I turned around to see Britney’s Dad Jamie had come over “Hi, it’s nice to meet you darlin’” he said extending his hand out to greet me “I’m Jamie…” he continued as I nodded in pure shock as I said “yes, your Britney’s Dad!” (Dork moment I know!) – He introduced me to some of his friends and left. Just trying to catch my breath and Felicia made her way over “Hi I’m Fe…” she started and I was like “oh age I know who you are!!!!” To which she gave me a hug and said “Britney is gonna freak out when she sees you!”

After Felicia left I turned to Craig and said “can you believe what has just happened?” Trying to catch my breath just as the lovely Ms Lynne turns up with Jayden and Preston by her side!!!!! (Holy crap!) “oh my goodness, you do look just like Britney!” She said before turning to Jayden and Preston and saying “doesn’t this lady look just like Moma?” And the boys were smiling and nodding – I was just so blown away by how lovely and down to Earth they all were!!
The show was about to start and I was ready to burst when Britney’s security came over and said “Britney has said she would like to invite you backstage for a photo! Would you like to come with us!”
At this point I am like holy crap, my life is complete, what on Earth is happening????
So, I went backstage where I met our girl who was wearing a pink wig, I told her she looked amazing and thanked her for the opportunity! We had our photo and she headed towards the stage, so I called after her and wished her a good show, she smiled and nodded saying Thank you as she headed off!
The show was insane and just as I thought all my dreams had come true and I couldn’t have ever wished for anything more, someone came up to me and said “Love your picture with Britney!” And I was like, “wait, what? How did you see it?” And he replied, “haven’t you seen? Britney shared it across all of her social media!”
How do I explain what an amazing experience that was? Seriously!?
13) Do you work with any other impersonators?

Yes! Oh my gosh! So many! We’re all like one big family! I used to find it really strange looking around at all of these famous faces but you kind of get used to it! It’s bizarre but everyone is so lovely and I’m proud to be a part of a huge Lookalike and tribute family!

14) Favorite Britney Spears photoshoot?
Hmmm… I loved the one with the Mickey Mouse ears from years ago!!! But honestly I love her little runway shows she films from Home the most! She’s adorable!
15) Favorite Britney Spears performance and song?

I loved the Onyx tour but I think Piece of Me is my fave! I love how we have all been able to watch her progress as the show has continued, it’s literally mind blowing!

16) Is it hard to perform and learn Britney’s choreograph? 
Yes! I never went dance lessons or anything as a child so I really felt thrown in at the deep end in the beginning, but that was also a bit of a blessing because Iv learned only Britney’s style of dancing, so I kind of had a clean slate to start with! I love a challenge though so she keeps it fun for me!!
17) What was the most challenging performance you had to learn throughout Britney’s career.

Work Bitch! I learned so many variations of it in the run up to her piece of me residency, and I was never satisfied until it was just right!

18) Anything you would like to tell Britney Spears?? 
That I’m so grateful to have someone as amazing as her to look up to! That I love her work and she inspires me everyday! Just a huge Thank You for everything I have been able to experience because of her! She’s truly amazing!
If anyone is interested in booking Michaela Weeks. You can visit her website by clicking here. Thank you Michaela for speaking with Absolute Britney! You are an amazing performer and we wish you the best with your career! Thank you for being AMAZING and spreading positivity about Queen Britney!