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Dec 22, 2015

So @britneyspears if you need any ideas for #PieceOfMe READ THIS!

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Hi Britney!!

So a LOT of your fans have heard you are changing about 75% of your iconic show, Piece Of Me. We figured to help you out because you might be “caught in between” on some song choices 😉 Check out what some songs fans would LOVE for you to add to your set list:

Lester Rey: Overprotected, get naked, hold it against me, breathe on me. The hook up

Jennifer Burt: The Hook Up, Hold It Against Me, Breathe On Me, Overprotected, He About To Lose Me.

Cristi Packard: Cant Make You Love Me  Overprotected  Lonely Showdown  Breathe on Me The Hook Up Inside Out He About to Lose Me Alien Body Ache

Alycia Harlow: I want Toy Soldier … or Early Morning too

Robbie Csernyik: OVERPROTECTED definitely! Alien, Hold It Against Me, Breathe On Me, Toy Soldier

Kimberly Panfalone: Born to make you happy, Cinderella, where are you now, lonely, don’t go knock on my door, what you see is want you get, hold it against me, brightest morning star

Carlos Mireles:  Hold it against me! Up N Down! Overprotected! Selfish! Tik Tik Boom!

Elenita Spears: Overprotected, Born to make you happy, Shadow, From the bottom of my broken heart, Alien, and Brightest morning star, this song is magical heart emoticon

Alexander Chavez: As much as I love the big hits like HIAM, Ifyouseekamy, etc.
My favorite song of hers that will always have a special place in my heart & I will cry every night if she performs it is ‘that’s where you take me’
It such a cute ballad and still got a bit of sexy and harmony.
That one, HIAM, Ifyouseekamy, radar, overprotected and a touchofmyhand/breatheonme.
I would be more than satisfied.

Morgan Henry: Alien Tik Tok or Body Ache Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know Inside Out
Hold It Against Me From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart Mannequin or Shattered Glass

Brittney Bailey Wainwright: How I roll








Also our flawless friend, Matt Stopera from Buzzfeed, wrote what he would LOVE to see added to the set list, click here to see 🙂

Hope this helps Britney! We can’t wait to see the changes!

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