Request #SlumberParty @britneyspears @Tinashe On #MostRequestedLive Tonight! @OnAirRomeo


We will assemble to request Slumber Party on the #MostRequestedLive radio show starting at 7 P.M. EST/4 P.M. PST tonight! The show will run until 12 A.M. EST/9 P.M. PST! This post will have every detail needed to get Slumber Party played! Most Requested Live is broadcasted across 150 radio stations worldwide; this will have an outstanding effect on Slumber Party’s overall success! We got Slumber Party played once last week and it was the #4 Most Requested Song! Let’s get it to #1 tonight!

Here are the details:

Make sure to use the hashtag #MostRequestedLive in every tweet/request!


@MostRequestLive Please play @britneyspears feat. @Tinashe #SlumberParty on #MostRequestedLive

Make sure to text as well! The text number is 71021

Click here to listen to the #MostRequestedLive radio show! (Z104.3 Baltimore)

Happy New Year!

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