#PrettyGirls is featured on PopCrush BEST MUSIC VIDEOS OF 2015! @britneyspears

pretty girls 1

PopCrush editors’ have picked their favorite music videos from this year and a very flawless editor from PopCrush chose Britney’s music video “Pretty Girls”!

We’ve counted down the Best Albums, Best Songs, Best TV Shows and Best New Artists of 2015 so far — and we’ve asked you to chime in with all of your picks for the year too in our Fan Choice Awards. And now, it’s time to turn our direction to another art form: The music video.

Brit Brit and Iggy Iggs took us on an intergalactic, neon-coated journey in “Pretty Girls,” an ‘Earth Girls As Easy’-inspired Valley Girl romp which was voted as Song Of The Summer by you, our dear PopCrush readers. The acting is hilarious (that cell phone scene!), and their interaction is delightfully awkward. But the five seconds of dancing we get from Britney in the club scene makes it all worth it. — Bradley Stern

Very nice choice Bradley 😉