Have not got the time to catch up on Britney news every day? Well, we have got your back! Every week we will post the highlights of the past week and summarise the most important Britney news of the week.

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There has been so much water this week – you would swear we were right in the middle of the …Baby One More Time, Dream Within A Dream performance! Let’s kick it off with this epic fan video of Brit and the boys enjoying a little swim:

Lucky little buggar! This week, there has been a lot of Britney meets in Vegas – but we will get to those later… We are super jel!

Remember that hot bikini body snap in Hawaii? Well it seems we are not the only ones who are not over that sexilicious snap just yet… Check out this full page spread in US Weekly:

Britney also posted this super cool Surf post – looks like Brit and the boys are dedicating their free time to as many water activities as possible! Could album 9 be a tribute to water? Just kidding – we are not the Daily Mail – we were not being serious when we made up that over dramatic story that has no relevance to Britney at all whatsoever.. or were we..

Talking about water works – floods (all tear based) sure did take place when Emily spotted Britney in Vegas this week. Click the links below to hear the amazing full story!

That is a total of 2 Britney Vegas sightings so far… believe it or not, there are more to come – seems like Britney graced us with her Holy Spearitt this week and she came bearing water for y’all… Wow – we are lame sometimes… MAJOR LOL!

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Another week of Spot the Brit – our very own ‘Where’s Wally-esque’ game. Where did we spot Brit this week?

Another Lucky fan got to see Britney in Vegas this week – check out this epic pic – commentary included…

What would a week be without a Gym sesh…

Here is Britney leaving the California Music academy with a CD in hand.. could this be new music?? Please say YES!

Looking fierce as ever B! We are excited for some new music and by the looks of things – album 9 is shaping up!

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Everyone loves a bit of BRITSTAGRAM! Instead of forcing fake poses – Britney opts to keep it real and post her fave things in life.. cannot get more relate-able than that.  Let’s start off with some Minions love..

Britney also posted a food snap – check out this Simpsons-esque doughnut – YUMMY!!

Cool as a cucumber B!! We love how Brit just gets her fans! When will your fave?

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No – not literally – that would be dangerous. We mean let’s look back at some epic Brit moments, silly! This is not just your usual throwbacks – instead these are never seen before throwback moments. We are too good to you!

First let’s look at the Dream Within A Dream Tour Rehearsals.

And these epic meet and greet pics from the Oops! Era!

We were totally freaking out when we saw these here at HQ – so many great memories! We miss these times!

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Piece Of Me is finally back – we know it has not been that long since Britney graced the Vegas stage – but in Britney Fan years – it is literally a life time! Brit is back! And what an epic week. Brace yourself.

Meet and greets are getting personal – our Brit is back!

Simon Ellis confirms that changes are on the way… but not yet for this leg.. could this mean an extension announcement is on the way?

Brit has some super cute familiar faces at her rehearsals this week:

AWWWW! Super cute. Not only did we have some visitors – but also some new permanent fixtures, like these super cool new dancers that have been added to the set…

Pretty girls has finally been added to the set list and no songs have been removed!!!

There is also some new costumes… most importantly this super smoking, hot as hell slave revamp…

WOWZERS MAMMA! The merchandise store refused to be outdone and added this hot new number..

Okay, more cute than hot… but you know what we mean! And then – this masterpiece was released this week – check out these awesome sketches of some original costume ideas:

We desperately want some of these to be used – they scream pop perfection!! Talking about sketches – check out these awesome fan sketches we posted this week:

Amazing!! We love ’em! So to welcome Brit back to the POM stage – let’s break the legendary show down by numbers:

Queen of everything she touches. Talking about that midas touch Brit has – it is finally here – Circus has been added to the epic Just Dance game!


After wig Wednesday we got mermaid weekend

Our mermaid was on fire friday with long straight colorfull hair and on saturday with a wavy texture just like the sea.





This week was full of stars visiting the queen of Vegas:

Whitney Port as Freakshow girl

Skrillex and Jeremy Scott:


Skrillex got lucky he also got a family pic with the queen


And Peyton Gulley


We cannot wait! That is all for this week y’all! What an epic week! We cannot wait to see what this next week has in store for us, catch up with us next Sunday for your weekly Brit fix!