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You know that moment, when you are casually walking, it’s a great day, sun is shining, everything is going right and then…. your ankle gives way and you are on the floor… This is usually followed by 5000 swear words, a red embarrassed face and intense swallowing to try and hold back the tears that are already rolling down your face… WHAT IS LIFE?? Will all these people surrounding me leave me alone, I am OK damn it!

no seriously I am OK..

Not our B though – this TROOPER did not throw out one curse word. YUP, not 1! You could see the agony in her face, but being ever the professional, she would not give up on the show and did her best to keep going.

We salute you Queen B! But following a history of leg injuries, this had the BARMY super worried and floods of tweets were sent to see if Brit was actually okay. This prompted a tweet from Brit herself:

PHEW – had us seriously worried there… But WAIT – why can we not book tickets to see the POM show for the weekend? MAYDAY MAYDAY – drop the oxygen masks!! Are you really actually okay Brit, or are you trying to make us feel better? Seems like it may have been worse than we thought:

SNIFF, SNIFF, CRIES! We really hope that you rest up B – we really do not want this to be a serious injury! Brit shortly followed her tweets with this flawless BRITSTAGRAM pic! Let’s be real here, this INSTA is better than all of your faves entire careers! Looks like B’s got that BOOT BOOT!

YES to the hair B! We love it! We hope you get well soon! We here at HQ have been super worried all week! We tried to come visit, but your body guards gave us the BOOT.. get it? Okay, maybe that was a little lame..

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Keep clam and –MOVE OUT OF OUR WAY BITCH! 1 MORE DAY TILL PRETTY GIRLS IS OFFICIALLY RELEASED! Asdffjksfagfg!! OK – we know that is not really a word – but how the hell do you want us to express our excitement here? Spread the word – tell your faves – the real Queen B is here to slay lives and snatch weaves!

You have been asking, actually lets correct that, whining for weeks for a single cover and it is finally HERE!! The first release went a little something like this..


ICONIC! It is brilliant! Move over MONA LISA – a replacement for your spot, in the Louvre, has been found!!

But then… all of a sudden, the artwork disappeared on all of B’s social network sites..

This obviously sent the BARMY into complete over drive and some sites even started turning all CSI on us. Some pointed out that the cover art looked very similar to the Rolling Stones cover and some copyright BLAH BLAH on her face forced her to remove it.. SNORE…

Some started a rumour that this was due to copyright BLAH BLAH regarding the Earth Girls are easy similarities.. DOUBLE SNORE…

But come on, first things first, only B can copyright her flawless face – and the theme is Earth Girls Are Easy – so they would have cleared that before starting… You silly stress heads! The cover soon got released again – with a minor change to the artwork – it is not longer FEAT the IGGSTER, it has now been changed to AND the IGGSTER. Remember this is a TRUE duet.. so all that stressin’ – for nothing!

You can stop breathing into your paper bags now..

Actually.. You may want to hold on to that for a while longer – as overly dramatic hyperventilating is about to begin again.. It looks like there is going to be a lot of PROMO! YES – you heard us!! PROMO!!

Last week the A&E departments all over the world required backup, when Britney and Iggy announced that they will be performing at The Billboard Music Awards. We are all still in intense recovery from that very moment. But we are ready for more.. you know, if you can’t take it then get back!

This last week – there were so many Britney Tweets, we felt we were being attacked by a swarm of birds..

HOLY MOLY! You would swear it was BRITMAS already! And those Dance moves in the EXTRA video!! OMG!! Hands up, how many of you were caught by your friends and family doing this when you saw the clip?

It may take a while for you to earn your credibility back… buy them all a copy of Pretty Girls on iTunes.. that should defo do the trick! On that note.. If this was all too much to take in, you may not be ready to read what’s next…. You may want to skip the rest of this section..

Still reading? You little rebel, you…We like you! So here is what has us confused. We did a little browsing last week just to see what the official Britney websites were doing for the new PG theme and we stumbled across this new era 9 logo:

WAIT, WHAT?? This has no similarities to the Pretty Girls logo… What is going on? Whilst we were trying to decipher the clues, team RCA then went all transformers on us and created this super machine!

britney spears cars

Ok, well… not so much transformers, other than a few stickers, but it is one EPIC BRIT-MOBIL! We want one!! Now, it cannot just be us that believe that a secret B album is on the way, right? Could this be the era 9 logo? If it is – it is perfect! Very 80’s! B, we are so on to you, album 9 is coming out sooner than we think, right? I suppose we will need to wait and see…

In the meantime – it is time to start Pretty Girls promotion BARMY! Click HERE to see what you can do to spread the word! Get to Work Bitch!

B to the TW – yes – we know Pretty Girls has leaked online and yes, we have not posted it. That is simply because if you are a true fan or have any respect for an artist – you will wait for the release day, which mind you is only a day away!

Please do not contribute to the decline of the music industry. Please help stop illegal downloads and please purchase Pretty Girls on the day of release… Let’s get B to number 1, where she belongs.

Also remember to request Pretty Girls on radio. Click HERE for the links.

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Nostalgia alert! Flawless week for flashbacks, just hang around and you’ll see, there’s nowhere you’d rather be… Our first throwback is none other than the iconic 2nd single from Ms. Spears, Sometimes! It has been 16 years since the release this week and playing it back, we really want this to be added to the POM set list.

This gem will never grow old for us! Brings us to a happy place!

However it seems like with a new single in the works, the Britney fever is spreading like wild fire. Jordin Sparks dedicated her Throwback Thursday pic to the one and only Queen B:

That BBMA performance announcement has everyone on heat it seems.. We are just as excited as you are Jordin! The performance cannot come soon enough, we cannot wait to see B-IGGY bring the fire to the stage!

Talk about bringing the fire, remember the epic Twister dance commercial? An alternative version was also released this week:

Bring out those Twister dots and bust out those moves BARMY! We have been playing the game in the HQ’s all week.. Okay, not all week, we ran out of breath after 3 minutes, but at least we tried..

Click HERE for Sometimes. Click HERE for a Spark. Click HERE for Twister



Boy meets boy at a Britney concert, boy sees other boy has good taste, boy then marries boy as it makes sense. Sounds about right, right?

Well that is exactly what happened this week and what makes it more sentimental – they met in Vegas, so they got married in Vegas and got to meet Britney too! Top that off – Britney signed the marriage certificate! Cannot get any better than that…

Congrats Woody and David! Hope you have many Britney themed anniversaries for many years to come.

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A cool hat, short shorts, Starbucks in hand and Kevin in the shadows – you would swear this was a pic straight from the ITZ era. Fear not – we have not gone all loopy on y’all. This is in fact Brit and Kevin doing what parents do best, supporting Jayden at his latest football game this week!

Brit seemed to be having a blast! Either that, or someone just told her about Mariah Carey’s Vegas outfits..

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Want a free meet and greet? You better learn how to skate bitch! This lucky fan sure was in the right place at the right time:

Brit is looking all chill-ney in that pic – we love it! Lucky BUGGA! But Skate-boy was not the only lucky one… Check out another flawless fans pic (not quite sure when this took place though):

Talking about fans – this Throwback pic appeared online this week of Britney with 2 random super fans that we have not seen before:

Just Kiddin’ we know that is you Simon! Doesn’t make you less of a super fan though…

One fan however, was lucky enough to see B on a day out shopping in Thousand Oakes, however not lucky enough to get their face in the pic:

Looking Sexy B! Why are we always in the wrong place at the wrong time… We are so SUPER JEL right about now.

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Admit it, you read that wrong… you dirty little scoundrel, you.. Guillermo Diaz (Scandal’s HUCK), not to be mistaken as Cameron Diaz’s brother, had a bit of a chit chat about Britney this week.

The former ‘I Wanna Go’ terminator, who, may we add has a strange way of drinking milk, said Queen B was quite chilled and shy and had a lot of Bodyguards around her. Well OBVS – she is Britney Bitch – there cannot be enough protection for the most famous Queen in the world!

Glad to see HUCK’s face light up when he speaks of Brit, bet you Britney is his Olivia in real life… If you do not know what we are talking about, you seriously need to stop what you are doing and get all the Scandal box sets at your nearest store… NOW!

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Having won the chart in 2004 – the world needs no convincing that Britney is unbelievably sexy! A WHOPPING 15th year on the chart, B is still riding high at a SUPER SEXY number 12!!

It was not so long ago that the FHM sexiest of all time chart came out and Brit was at number 4 – but placing so high again on the yearly chart has definitely pushed her up on those ranks – top 3 on the next round is our guess… although if we did the chart, she would be at number 1 and we would be right…

Hotney strikes again! When will your faves?

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SHUUUTT UPP! LIKE NO WAY! Move over Flappy Bird, a new world wide addiction is on the way. Glu Mobile Inc. have announced that they are developing a new Britney Spears mobile app game!

The exclusive agreement spans a five-year term with the possibility of a three-year extension. Featuring the voice, likeness, and creative influence of Ms. Spears, the game will allow players to interact with Britney and experience the glitz and glamour of the entertainment business. Glu expects to launch the game worldwide in the first half of 2016.


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2014 was a year of no new music for Ms Spears… YUP, unfortunately no single and no album. However that did not stop Brit from making the top 20 of the Billboard highest paid musicians of 2014!

HOLY MOLY! Weaves were snatched! Hope your faves have recovered from the WHIPLASH! To think others thought they were competition…


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This week was a week of power lists. First we had the FHM sexiest women in the world list and shortly after it was followed by the rich list, which, in case you have not noticed, Britney appeared on both. However the most important list of them all, is the list that makes Brit the happiest. Here is the top 10 in all it’s glory:

1.My boys, of course!
2. Love
3. My daddy’s cooking
4. A good sweaty run
5. Spa days
6. Freshly laundered sheets
7. The smell of roses
8. Beachy waves
9. A juicy romantic novel
10. Last but certainly not least… my fans!


Way to pull on our heart string B! We love you too!! What a flawless article Papermag! Loving it! However 1 thing does seem odd with the list… One of Britney’s fave things in the world seems to be missing…

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OK, this has to be said, why is everyone quoting heaps of do, do, do’s when really Tom’s diner is very clearly da, da, da’s right? We mean, what is with that.. Either way do or da alike, the critics are raving about Tom’s Diner! Click HERE to see what they had to say

But one thing that caught our attention this week – was this TOTALLY HILLARE post making the rounds on the BRI-NTERNET this week. Ever wondered what the Tom’s Diner music video would look like? Click HERE to open up the FUNNIES..

Seriously this track has to be released on iTunes soon, we are so sad that it leaked so early. We need to have this song in our collection! Worried about the cover art B and Giorgio? No need – your fans have got your back! Click HERE to see the awesome Tom’s Diner fan artwork!



Madonna, best known for her collaboration with Queen B on Me Against The Music (Insert Mr. Cheesy Emoji Grin here), was recently asked  on Saturday night Live, if she would consider another Britney Spears hook up.

Click HERE and skip to 9:38 to hear what she had to say.

By hook up we meant collaboration obviously. Did you let your filthy mind wonder again? Shame on you (to need release). Madonna being the ever flawless BFF, said she would love to and that she is (and always was) a Britney fan!

MADGE, we are all for this! In fact we would not be opposed to a B and M album and world tour… Well, only of there was a mash up of the I’m A Slave 4 U and Vogue dance.. Now THAT would be ICONIC!

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Our Britney radar is on 24/7 here at Galaxy HQ and with era 9 well on the way there are just so many flawless B related articles out there, that are worth mentioning. However unfortunately, just like Mariah and that Britney inspired Vegas dress, some things just do not fit in properly. So instead of leaving them out, we thought we would include them here for your reading pleasure.

Firstly and most importantly – check out this super cute video of Lexie that B posted this week. Our hearts have literally melted!

Things just do not get cuter than that! Lexie – you are a future super star!

Secondly, THIS super cool Popsugar article posted this week

Flawless article! However one thing has us confused.. Britney never went anywhere, so not sure where she is back from? Back from Vegas? Back from her son’s FOOTY match? Back from Target? I think you may need to elaborate on this as it has us a bit CONFUZZLED!

Then lastly, so many colabs have been happening recently, it made sense to have a ranking for them all right? NYPOST did just that. Have a look at their chart HERE.

We would have a shuffle around with a few, but not a bad list at all.

Talking about colabs.. just in case you all needed some confirmation, that latest one will not turn all SMOOCHY on us! The Madonna kiss is officially safe. Looks like LEACHY Robin and his Merry Vegas men, were wrong again…

What a TOTALLY EPIC week and next week looks even more exciting! We cannot wait for the Pretty Girls release! Let’s get B straight to number 1 Y’all. In the meantime – we will leave you with this flawless acapella version of Brit singing Perfume. ACCA- SCUSE ME? Yup – you heard us correctly! Click HERE to hear this work of art!

See you next week Earthlings… and remember when in doubt – PEACE AND POUT!