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Aug 3, 2016


Welcome back to another week of Planet Britney, where we summarize all things Britney related from last week into one easy and simple post, perfect for those of you who just simply do not have the time to catch up on Britney news every single day.


The figures are in! Piece Of Me is still slaying the box office – but that is obviously not a surprise…

Britney’s last seven Piece Of Me shows have grossed $3,719,251 million selling 26,815 tickets, which makes the total show gross: $85,305,774from all 164 shows! Homegirl is set to add two new songs from her upcoming new anticipated album to her iconic “Piece Of Me” show and also she reveled she will be “shaking” things up in Vegas once her new album drops.

When will your fave! Well done B – we are super proud of you!


Our fave ‘Where’s Wally’ inspired game is back! This week Britney has been spotted so many times, we almost lost track! Let’s kick this off with the latest! Britney was spotted on 1st August popping out for lunch with Mamma Spears and both ladies looked mighty fine!!

Sexy ladies! Britney was also spotted out and about on July 31st – rocking another epic look!

Mom and daughter strike again!Here are the duo on July 30th shopping their time away!

And again… July 29th:

And this one has to be our fave! Imagine driving and spotting Britney singing her heart out in her car from your rear-view mirror!? What is life? July 27th:

What a week! Britney looks like she has just stepped back into 2004! We are in awe!


The promo schedule is kicking in! This week we were spoiled with interviews from Tumbler to Australian radio promo! Missed them? No need to worry, we have got your back! Flip the switch, we are live on air!

“There’s a couple of things we touch on – Intimacy.. me being a hopeless romantic..” @britneyspears on new music and speaking about her new upcoming album

“The album is coming to the table soon, so that will shake things up a bit!” @britneyspears

They’re constantly talking about it and i’m always introduced to new pokemon characters!” @britneyspears

“I went all over the mall looking for them! I was like, It’s summer, let’s go looking for Pokemon!” @britneyspears

“I thought for a second that @rihanna had lost her mind!” @britneyspears laughs about #Rihanna and Pokemon

“I’m not a club person.. i’m a mum, so I don’t really go out!” @britneyspears on living in Vegas for her shows

“I will be adding two new songs from my album to “Piece Of Me”

“I’ve been working on this project for almost 2 years now.” @britneyspears on #MakeMe with @G_Eazy #KJshow

“It’s fun to work with people who are new artists and up and coming and hungry.” @britneyspears #KJhow”

“I really have no idea when my next album is supposed to come out.” @britneyspears on her new album #KJshow

“My kids are obsessed with #PokemonGo, every 2 mins it’s “mum there’s one over there!” @britneyspears #KJshow

“Anytime my niece brings dolls over my son is like ‘mum get that out of here!’ He’s scared of dolls.” @britneyspears

“The next round that we go [of her Vegas show] we’ll have a lot more stuff from new album.” @britneyspears #KJshow

If that was not satisfactory enough, then you are hard to please! But fear not, Britney will be on Jimmy Kimmel this week!! YAAAASSS! Check out the promo clips below:


Britney also took the time out of her day to answer some fan questions on Tumbler:

1) Hey Britney, what is your favorite song of the new album?

Hard to say – I love them all! One of my favorites of course is Make Me, which is why it’s the first single.

2) How was collaborating with g-eazy?

He’s such an amazing talent. It was fun! His rap really took the song to a new level.

3) What producers did you work with for your new album?

Burns, as you know, produced Make Me. You’ll have to wait until the album comes out to see all the rest!

4) What’s your favorite song at the moment?

Meghan Trainor – Me Too

5) Have you been playing Pokemon go?

Well this is a funny one. Just played it for first time with my sons! It was soooo hot outside!

6) What’s your favorite tv show

“Sex and the City” is my favorite show of all time. “Friends” comes in a close second, and right behind it is “Breaking Bad”.

7) What do you like doing in your spare time?

I love to read!

8) What’s ur favorite recipe?


9) Can you tell us anything about your next album? I’M SO EXCITED!!!

I’ll just say this… We really explored some new things.

10) Will we see Make Me or any of the new songs from your new album in the next round of Vegas shows?

Make Me will be added for sure!

11) When is your new album coming out? I love you Britney kisses from Brazil <3

Soon… Very soon!

12) Do you read a lot? And what books would you recommend?

Anything Danielle Steele.

13) What’s your favorite thing about seeing the fans reactions on Make Me?!

Everything. I’m so proud of the song, and very happy my fans love it as much as I do.

14) What was your absolute favorite outfit you’ve performed in? YOU ARE MY POWER ANIMAL

The body jewels outfit from the Toxic video!

15) Can you give us some details about your next video?

There’s lots of female empowerment. Lol

And let’s not forget, we also have a new perfume out! Check out this mighty cool interview:

My favorite note in this new scent is…“The coffee note because iced coffee is my go-to drink before a long day of rehearsals.”

My biggest beauty splurge is…“A Facial. I love a great Oxygen facial.”

My favorite discovery in a Las Vegas casino is…“A dark chocolate & sea salt candy bar.”

My guilty pleasure food, even when I’m prepping for my Piece of Me performances, is…“Crawfish because it reminds me of home.”

Of all the looks I’ve worn over the years, the one I’ll keep forever is…“‘…Baby One More Time’ because it’s what really started it all.”

I love to show my swimsuits off because…“I’m a lover of water.”

My most treasured item is…“My boys! Self-explanatory.”

My favorite food to cook with my sons is…“Probably tacos. They are just simple, fun and they love them.”

The best compliment that my sons have ever given me is…“That they love me.”

The best thing about being 34 is…“Everything.”

What has Britney got in store for us this week? You will need to wait and see – we hear it is pretty exciting though… EEK!


Over the last week – we missed a very important milestone for one of Britney’s most iconic singles! So this week, we dedicate our entire Planet Britney to ‘Boys.’ Happy 14th Birthday!

The Neptunes remixed their own original production with a Hip-Hop beat for the movie Austin Powers In Goldmember. This version is known as the Co-ed remix and features vocals by Pharrell Williams, who is one of The Neptunes members. The other member of The Neptunes is Chad Hugo. Together, they record as N.E.R.D.

Mike Myers appears in the video as Austin Powers. Britney in return appears in the movie as a Fembot and gets blown up!!

Other than the obvious – The video features actors DJ Qualls, Jason Priestly and Taye Diggs.

In the UK Britney’s 2002 single from the soundtrack of “Austin Powers In Goldmember,” “Boys (Co-Ed Remix feat. Pharrell Williams)” was released as the 4th single, whilst “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll” was released as the 4th single in Europe, Australia & Asia. The CD also includes the album version of the song, which was not commercially released.

The music video for “Boys” was directed by Dave Meyers. The video was nominated for at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards for Best Video from a film, but lost to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.”

Celebrate with us by watching the epic music video – that BTW deserves way more than 35 million views! Get to work y’all!

That is all for this week! We are excited to see what this week has in store for us!