If you know Britney Spears, then you know how dedicated she is to her family and making sure her kids have the best time growing up! Therefore, it should come as no surprise then, that whilst Brit has been on a break from her demanding ‘Piece Of Me’ residency, she made sure she spent every minute she could doing just that. Now that does not mean that Brit does not join in on the fun… here she is in all her glory, having a blast go-karting…

Britney also made sure to cheer on her boys during a football match on the 15th January:

Now, it is not just the boys who get to have all the fun, little Lexie gets just as much attention… with park times…

…horse riding (well, we assume)….

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Met a beautiful horse today!

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…and Yoga, obviously!

Just when you think that B could possibly have no time left over for other activities, she goes and proves her super powers yet again, with a dance class for every other kid in the world…

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Teaching these girls is such a joy!

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Hail the Queen of everything!


It is no secret that ‘Piece Of Me’ is undergoing some major changes and to say that we are excited is our biggest understatement of 2016 so far…. People are so hungry for some info (that team B have been super hush about) that they are making up rumours left, right and centre. Some have been making false accusations, stating the Break the Ice will be cut (SAY WHAT? – Don’t worry, Willie Gomez proved this wrong), ‘Touch Of My Hand’ making the set list and that ‘Work Bitch’ is no longer the opening number – but all are still just hearsay at the moment…

Now, we have said it before and we will say it again, let’s just be patient and wait for the official confirmation before we start breaking dishes up in here… Queen B has not been completely silent about the changes – so we have quite a lot to look forward to. For example, this ‘Slave 4 U’ dance…

The addition of the fan fave (that by the way excited us so much, we may be getting an eviction notice) ‘Breathe On Me’

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It's so hot in here… #PieceOfMe

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Actually wait – let’s take a look at that again on repeat…

We need some air!!We are in love!! Things just do not get better than this… well, except for a new single announcement that is..

Now Charm Ladonna, we have to say we salute you for bringing back the Sexney moves! Keep up those epic routines, we live and breathe it!

Rehearsals are full steam ahead and we are loving having some behind the scenes pics and antics. Keep them coming B!

The hype is real, y’all – 2016 is all about Queen B – watch this space and see what ‘snatching weaves’ really means!


Great news! Britney will be attending Elton John’s annual party again this year, which means – hot new look, sexy new outfit and a whole amount of slayage is on the way… and all for an absolutely great cause!!

Hold on to your wigs!


The last time we had Brit chat about B9, she mentioned an ‘Artsy Fartsy’ vibe was coming our way. So we assume the direction is still headed that way… Whilst we wait to be blown away by great new music that we will roll around in paint to, let’s have a look at some very artsy moments over the last few weeks…

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Even the greatest creations start from small seeds

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Van Gough would give an ear for that masterpiece!

Art is a matter of expression and here is Brit expressing her love for a bearded man (which by the way is art in it’s own right):

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What an interesting fellow

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When Britney gathers her inspiration for new music, she puts her mind, orange body and soul into the process…

And then a quick spritz of perfume to finish off and intrigue all your senses…

…which if Guillermo Diaz’s recent interview is anything to go by, will smell a tad bit of coke…(the drinking kind – he made sure to clarify)…

Wrap it all up with some epic cover art and B9 will be born!

Album art suggestions? Well, the world has spoken and the best cover art in FHM (R.I.P – you flawless publication) history was this epic number..

…so something like this, will clearly please the crowds… however we have something like this in mind…

DROOOLLL!! That is all for this week y’all! We cannot wait to see what this week has in store for us!