We totally feel sorry for anyone who does not follow Britney on Instagram this week, ‘cause if you don’t – you would have missed this epic ‘hot as ice’ pic that has the power to wake the dead…

Holy Jamie, the sons and the Holy Spearit, one cannot even deal! That body is beyond perfect! The B9 body is coming y’all and your faves are in danger! Britney also took the time to remind us about all the mean people in the world:

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Enough said

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That’s right, y’all can’t sit with us!

Emily Giffin sent Brit a personal message in one of her books! Look at this cool fan girling moment:

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The best author in the world! I'm sooo shocked!

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Mad respect indeed! And what would a Britstagram week be without a super cute family selfie?

AWWW! Our hearts melt everytime.


Ok, we are trying our best to stop talking about B9 until we have a release date – very simply because our hearts cannot take the strain no more… but people like Justin, are not making it easy for us to stop the freak out sessions. This recent interview left us more excited than ever before..


A little birdy tells me you are working on Britney Spears new album. Can you divulge even a nugget of detail?

Working with Britney is a f*cking dream. She is so sweet, so inspiring and a master on the mic. Me and Julia had to leave the studio one day because our screams of excitement after every take she did were distracting the producers.

Great – now we are screaming too – it is only a matter of time our HQ’s get an eviction notice…


Our weekly ‘Where’s Wally’ inspired game is back for another round – and we have to say, this is one of the best week’s we have had in ages! The amount of studio sessions means something is coming very soon!!

December 8 – Britney pays a visit to her all time fave Starbucks:

December 6 – B caught shopping in Los Angeles

December 9 – Recording Studio sessions:

December 10 – yet another recording studio session

December 10 – a quick hiking break

December 12 – Brit visits the dance studio with her fave kids crew!

What a week – keep them candids rolling!


When you are patiently waiting for B9 to drop – there is nothing more that you can do other than reminisce on old school Brit! Let’s start this off with Jojo and her ‘Britney’ throwback:

Stan alert! We loving it! Melissa Joan Hart had more than one flashback moment and in one admits that she thought Britney would be a flash in the pan – she could not have been more wrong!!

‘I Wanna Go’ hit 200 million views this week! Seems we are all trying to get as much Britney fix as we can before the new album comes out! Now just to get Oops! And POM to that 100 mil mark..

The ‘Perfume’ video turned 2 this week…

5th Harmony hinted that a tribute style video is due out soon…

.. and Pretty Girls has been named under the ‘Most Streamed’ on Spotify! THE SLAYAGE IS REAL!

That is all for this week y’all – we leave you with this epic EOS competition – make sure you enter – there are some epic prizes up for grabs!!