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Missed us? You did not think we would leave you forever, did you? No way! Now, we have a lot to catch up to do – Planet Britney has been away for over a month! Can you believe it?? How have you all survived without your weekly Britney fix?!? Withdrawal overload!! Let’s get right into it, this is gonna be a long one! Well we have a month to cram in, so this is an extra special edition!


Brit is back to showcasing her acting chops and we are not being biased here, but this is some damn good acting. Brit managed to persuade some hopeful security guards that she was a whole load of loopy! Check out the skit below:

HILLARIOUS! Here are some of our fave moments:

By the way….. who needs convincing to kiss the hand of a queen? Like huh? Brit’s hilarious skit was watched by the masses and had a higher rating than the brand new (much hyped) series ‘Scream Queens’! The power of B is endless. Check out the Scream Queen’s advert – featuring Brit’s summer jam, ‘Pretty Girls’:

We were not the only ones to find the show absolutely hilarious, check out this epic tweet:

It’s Britney Spears and the Lead Pussycat! Flawless Toxic execution there Scherzy! Talking about Toxic – check out super cool ‘Toxic’ co-star Tyson Beckford talk about his POM appearance – skip to 17:50:

We have a feeling that Tyson’s POM strut in Freakshow might have given him the inspiration for his Chippendale’s role… just kiddin’. Great interview! Let’s end of this section off, with another look at NPH’s Best Time Ever, but now with the extended bits!


This past month has been a full of milestones and throwbacks! Be prepared – seems like this time of the year is Brit stan heaven! Let’s get straight into them!

…Baby One More Time turned 17!

It’s been 14 years since the release of Slave 4 U:

My Prerogative turned 11:

8 Years since the release of Gimme More

3 becomes 6:

Criminal Turned 4:

Work Bitch celebrated it’s 2nd year:

Womanizer is 7 years old!

Sabrina The Teenage Witch feat Brit was released over 16 years ago!

Glee also celebrated it’s Brit Bday:

Talking about Flashbacks – check out this awesome pic of Britney at her 20th Birthday:

Britney also offered us some flashback moments from the flawless Demarchelier shoot:

And 2 Elle moments!

Happy B-day, @elleusa!!! 🎈🎈🎈 #ELLEat30 #TBT

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Hey @elleusa… hope you are having the best birthday week ever! xo #ELLEat30

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2 Elle Shoots and a Demarchelier reference… we smell a new Elle shoot coming our way… well atleast we hope so…

What kind of Fan site would we be if we did not share some flashbacks with you too. Check out these exclusive Rolling Stone Magazine out takes:

Alyssa Milano (who once also dated Justin!) shared this golden moment with us:

#TBT Justin, Britney, Alaa, and me!

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Esquire listed Britney’s cover as one of the greatest covers of all time:

What a month for Flashbacks! Who would have thought so many iconic moments happened around this time of the year? The slayage is real.


Any real Brit stan will agree that the MTV VMA’s pretty much revolves around Britney Spears. In fact, if Britney is not there, there is really no point in watching the show at all. The most iconic VMA moments are literally all Britney moments and this year was no different. Just look at the perfection!

No seriously… look..

HOLY SMOKE! When will your fave. Let’s take a look back at why Britney owns the VMA’s:












Her every look – always on point!

Bow down to the queen of the VMA’s!


This year is a strong year for red carpet appearances and if we are to be honest here, this one is probably at the top of our list for the best look. Flawless does not even begin to describe how Britney looked at the Teen Choice Awards!

The hair, the outfit, that smile… the list can go on forever. Brit had everyone talking about her, in fact – B was trending more than the Teen Choice Awards themselves:

Even her fellow celebs had freak out sessions on Snapchat:

Queen B won the award for the Candies Style icon and we can clearly see why!

And when she collected it – we noticed that some things never change..

You deserve it B! You looked smashin’ – you had all of the boys and all of the girls seeking Amy that night!


First it was Christina and now Ariana has jumped on the bandwagon of Britney impersonations. It seems like 2015 is the year of showcasing your inner Brit. Check out Ariana’s attempt below:

What do you think? Personally we think it was good – but just not as great as the original. Britney’s vocals are unmistakeable – and Ariana just cannot get that sex appeal across in her impersonation, but a good try nonetheless. Ariana also took some time to remake an iconic Brit classic – check out her version of Womanizer below:

Ariana is not the only one to join in on the Britney impersonation trend, just this week Anne Hathaway did her best Britney impression on the Graham Norton show:

Which celeb will be next to take on the challenge? The Graham Norton show on the other hand has also been following a Britney trend – just recently Charlize Theron referenced an iconic Britney tour outfit on the show:

Charlize showed us her stan card and took us on a rollercoaster ride down memory lane… this outfit is life:


What a month for candids! We remember a very grey time of our lives at the start of the year when finding a Britney candid was as rare as an uncooked steak.. sad times. But fear not – those times are gone.. get ready for a month worth of spot the Brit!

August 10 – corner bakery and out and about

August 25 – out for lunch

September 1- Recording Studio

September 2 – out and about and quality time with friends

September 7 – lunch

September 12 – Gym session and Birthday Party

September 13 – Lunch with Bryan

September 14 – reminding us to stay weird.

September 18 – out and about

September 19 – leaving the dance studio

September 22 – Wendy’s

September 24 – leaving the dance studio

September 26 – Leaving the dance studio

September 29 – leaving the recording studio

Pure perfection! Recording and dance studios are prominent in these pics… looks like album 9 may be arriving sooner than we think… we are ready!


When this landed on our desk here at HQ – we literally spat out our drinks!

You got it – that is Britney and Cade at a nightclub with KATE HUDSON and HEATHER PARRY! Seriously, have we just gone back in time – and can we stay here forever!??!

This is not the first time either! Cade and Brit went out to a nightclub just a few weeks before this too!

This is just waaaaay too much for our little hearts to handle – excuse us…


This month has been full of dance – not only is Brit slaying POM (we will get to that later) but she is also sharing some smashing dance moves with us on Instagram!

Sometimes you just gotta dance!

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2004ney is that you? Welcome back sis! We missed ya! Album 9 cannot come soon enough, this energy has us more excited than ever! Brit has also been passing on her talents to the youth – check out these epic videos Brit shared with us on Twitter and Instagram:

Part 2! Today was so much fun… Couldn't resist posting the rest 😜

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These moves even have Lexie poppin’

Watch Lexie pop!

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Seems like Brit’s dance teaching moments are here to stay – just yesterday, Brit shared another dance class video with us:

Stopped by to teach these girls again today… They never cease to amaze me!

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Bringing that SASS! We love to see Britney working with kids – you can see her face light up! Britney has always expressed her love for children and it is great to see Brit doing something she loves.

B also spent some time at the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation this month. B is always involved in charity work and giving something back to the community – and it is very rare that the world gets to hear about it (we all know Brit does not like to show off her charitable moments), so it is great to see some pics recently of Brit with the children and raising awareness to this great cause.

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If there is anything that Brit loves more than anything in the world, it would definitely be her family. Brit had some time off in between her POM shows and created some very special moments with those closest to her. This is what we call a perfect family:

Yoga with Lexie

Saturday hotel room yoga!

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A quick bubble bath to relax post work out!

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Style tips from the best aunt in the world!

Feeling pretty, feeling summery, feeling pretty summery in our dresses 👭👗

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A Miley Cyrus tribute:

@MileyCyrus, meet Lexie 😝

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Some quality time with Mamma Spears:

Beautiful day for brunch!

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A Skrillex meet and greet for the boys:

A Willie Wonka visit!!

Birthday celebrations:

Thank you @skatelab and @lindacohencakepops for making this day so special 🎈

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A day off with her special kings:

Day off with my two kings 😊👬

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Car trips with sing alongs and silly faces:


A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Smores day!

Friday night family fun…. S'mores❤️❤️❤️

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A trip to the zoo….

Exploring the sights of my second home today. Lions, tigers & bears, oh my!!

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Perfect selfies:

A trip to Universal Studios:

…and plenty of moments under the sea!

Family goals have been set! What an amazing month it has been for Brit!

Talking about family, one of our very own Britney Galaxy family got to spend some time with none other than Britney’s little sister Jamie-Lynn!! We know right… SHUTTT UPP!! We could not deal either! And to top it all off – they sang Toxic together on stage!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

Well done Ant! You superstar! We would have loved to have joined you – but someone had to look after the HQ when you were gone… we are super jel!


Get it? Mortified, by her ex Morton.. Okay we will admit – that was not as funny as it sounded in our heads – but we stick to the fact that it is a good title none the less. So you have all heard about it – TMZ exclusively reported that Britney went on a date with Lindsay Lohan’s ex Harry Morton.

The fans were not sure about this one – as he just did not seem like the right fit for our Brit – but fortunately for all of you – the date only seemed to be exactly that – one date… nothing more was reported after this event.. so it looks like our Brit is still single and ready to mingle.. sorry Harry!


We know Brit is always breaking records, winning awards and just generally being the best at everything she does. So here are more achievements to add to her list:

Britney hit 43 Million followers on Twitter!

MTV Summer Superstar and the winner is….

Britney is the most dangerous female celeb on the web – phishers use Britney’s incredibly strong internet presence for their benefit… click HERE to read more.

And last but not least – the queen of Perfumes is still on top!


What is it with Justin’s and Brit.. it seems the attraction is just inevitable. Justin could not keep his hands off Britney’s pic during a filming, pre – VMA awards…

Just days before, Justin also used the power of Britney to advertise his new (and may we add incredible) single, ‘What Do You Mean?’

All this Britney hype has us wondering if our girl Brit will be featured on Justin’s new album… now that would be epic….


Actney is back y’all – first we got to see Brit slay in Best Night Ever and soon we will see Brit grace our screens again in none other than, ‘Jane The Virgin’!!

“It’s gonna be epic for me,” Rodriguez tells ET. “I can’t say anything more than Britney Spears will be playing herself and that she’s awesome.”

“She’s so loving and so supportive of the show, and she’s gonna kick ass,” she adds.
Spears, 33, hasn’t started shooting with the cast yet, but Rodriguez is confident that the “Pretty Girls” singer will be fabulous. “I think she’s gonna be everything I’m dreaming of,” the 31-year-old actress gushes.

The appearance may be just as dreamy for Jane the Virgin fans, as showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman spilled to ET last month that there will be music in Spears’ episode. While Rodriguez wouldn’t confirm what exactly that means, she did tease that there will be music magic.

“You’re gonna get a moment,” Rodriguez tells ET. “It’s gonna be a moment, too, like the only moment. It’s gonna change my memories of life forever. You are going to be so happy and jealous.”

On Wednesday, ET chatted with Andrea Navedo, who plays Jane’s mom on the sitcom, at People’s Ones to Watch party in Los Angeles, and the 37-year-old actress implied that Rodriguez will actually get to sing with Spears in the episode.

Just like Rodriguez, we can only dream!

So what did Britney have to say about her new acting role?

On Jane The Virgin & Watching TV:
“I think the writing is so simple and so endearing and it’s funny!” Spears said. “I started watching the show before it got really big and I was telling everyone about it. They were all like, ‘What are you talking about?’ and then it got really big.”
It seems Jane may be her only TV watching these days. “I used to watch a lot of TV shows,” Spears said. “I watched Once Upon a Time and Revenge and Californication…I haven’t watched a lot of TV shows lately.”

On Acting In Another Movie:
“I would love to,” she said. “I could dream. I would love to be a movie star.”

On Her Sons:
“We love skateboarding so we’re probably going to rent out a skate park,” Spears said. Perhaps the little guys will provide the tunes for the bash, too. “My kids are deejays,” Spears boasted. “They’re both in their rooms deejaying 24/7 and making up their own music.”Do they ever include some of mom’s hit songs? “Not yet,” Brit said. “They haven’t gone there…yet!”

It looks like we do not have too long to wait – it looks like Brit will have started filming this week!

Could this lead to more TV appearances for Brit? Well Tarryn Manning (Brit’s ‘Crossroads’ co-star) had nothing but great things to say about our B, and hopes to have an Orange Is The New Brit style episode:

We would be so down for that – can you imagine Brit in Litchfield – bad-assney eat your heart out!


Ok, so something kinda funny is going on. After months of hype and begging for Tom’s Diner to be a single, it looks like our efforts have paid off… or have they? Recently Amazon released the artwork for a Tom’s Diner remix single… but could this just be another ‘It Should Be Easy’ style promotional effort (a remix treatment only) and not a full on single?

Could this be the video Nikki Lund was talking about after all? This has us confused – as remember Giorgio did once mention that Brit was not able to film a music video for Tom’s Diner, so what exactly is going on – or are we all just reading too much into this? You know what? We will just have to wait and see, won’t we…

But on the bright side, more info regarding B9 has been released and by the look of things, Brit could be heading for a more urban feel – which will make a lot of stans really happy! Check out ‘Big Tanks’ (Aguilera’s – ‘Oh Mother’ producer) latest tweet:

So who do we have confirmed so far…

Alex da kid
DJ Mustard
Big Tank
Chantal Kreviazuk
Ian Kirkpatrick
Matthew Koma
Sam Bruno
Simon Wilcox
Wade Martin
Rock Mafia

This is shaping up to be one impressive list… Bring on album 9 already we cannot wait… Just in case you had any doubt that album 9 is in fact, in the making – check out Britney’s tweet on her latest ‘Ask Britney’ Twitter spree:

Yes Queen B – we are too excited for new music! So what does Matthew Koma have to say about working with Brit on album 9?

You had some studio time, or you’re continuing to, with Britney. What is that like?

She’s extremely talented. It’s funny getting to work with her sometimes, you know, because you just think about the history and how much of pop music is influenced today by things she’s done and invented.

It’s gotta be surreal.

It’s super surreal to sit there and hear Britney Spears sing one of your songs. It’s like — it’s one of those things on the checklist. You know, I checked off Kelly Clarkson too. There are very few of those marquee artists where it’s like, okay, check, that’s really cool. It just feels like…it holds a different weight.

Before I get to Shania, which I’m very interested in, everyone’s always fascinated: What is Britney like in the studio, and what is the recording process like?

Super, beyond pro. Beyond sweet. Comes in. Nails it. Knows the tunes. With her, it’s been a very different thing, case by case. There are songs where she has a lot of input, as far as “I wanna go for this vibe and this is what I’m listening to, and this is what I’m into and this is what I want to execute,” and there are other times where she’s like “This song speaks to me. I learned it and I wanna kill it.” And she does. She’s been wonderful.

So what exactly has Brit been listening to? Check out this Instagram post!


A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Hmm – David Bowie does throw us off – so really right about now – album 9 could really be going Urban or more Artsy Fartsy as Brit once promised… Maybe we should just ask the DJ Trio Yellow Claw to let us know more about it as they seem to be up to speed..

Well let’s hope we get some new music soon – Brit did after all say she wanted to include it in her next ‘Piece Of Me’ refresh..

Has a time machine been invented yet??


So after months of speculation, and lots of uncertainties – it is now official – Britney will be remaining in Vegas for another 2 years!

Check out the new dates added below!

And why would Brit not? Rumour has it that Brit got to choose her shows before JLO had the chance and is being offered more money than Celine Dion to extend her stay!!!

The power of B is Real! 2 years on and the show is still going strong – Brit is this months highest ranking in the box office!

Now for those of you not lucky enough to go to Vegas – we know a world tour would have been great – but to be fair – Brit has been slaying Vegas recently! Like, Brit is on FIYYYAA!

One more… and yes it's hot standing there!

A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Lets take a minute to appreciate exactly how brilliant the shows have been lately – I mean Onyxney is that chu??

We are even getting flawless backstage pics!

Backstage moment… Hair ✔️ Wings ✔️

A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Brit’s new material is explosive!

Last night, SO fun! 💁🙅💁

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The only thing short of the 00’s is Madonna herself!


She is as Sassy as ever!

B has gone all HORNY!

Her M&G’s are reminiscent of her Oops days!

And her show is getting a revamp! Queue Simon Ellis…

The slayage is real – flawless! We here at HQ are saving up our pennies – B we are on our way – just wait for us!

That is all for this week y’all – and boy has it been a crazy month! So much has gone on! Planet Britney is back! And we do not want to leave you again! To end things off – check out this Ellen (The Generous) clip – AMAZEBALLS! Hope he has a great time in Vegas and maybe one day we will notice a new face in the #Britneysboys crew!

Till next time y’all – it is great to be BACK!