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Jun 14, 2015


Have not got the time to catch up on Britney news every day? Well, we have got your back! Every week we will post the highlights of the past week and summarise the most important Britney news of the week.

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Everyone loves a new, and allow us to add adorable, Britney interview! Britney featured on Good Morning Britain this week to chat ‘Pretty Girls’, possible future collabs, a teaching career if she was not the Queen of Pop, Iggy and meeting Brad Pitt… which she would love to do again. We love that an icon as famous as Britney still has her FANGURL moments, you just do not get more down to earth than that! But the best part? Brit would love to become a Brangelina nanny! Let’s be real here, who wouldn’t?

Can you actually imagine?? Brit would be the best Nanny ever! Although Angelina would need to ensure that the schedule fits around Brit’s music career… we would not be able to deal with no new music! Like we refuse!!

Talking about new music… The day is FINALLY here! Pretty Girls hits the UK! Show the world what you got and let’s get Pretty Girls to the top of the UK charts!! Get ‘dem pounds out!

Spread the word and get to work Barmy!

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It is official – Huffington Post has crowned Britney Spears the queen of social networking! Although, we could have told you that already! Time for that name change, we have been calling it BRITTER for months now!

Even though Britney is not the one with the most followers (although she should be), her interaction with fans is second to none and the effect that she has on Twitter is far more powerful that anyone else….Now that is true star power! This week is a perfect example of why Britney is the Queen of them all:

PERSONALNEY shares her inside jokes she has with her friends:

GREATFULNEY thanks her fans for the hard work they do:

EXCLUSIVENEY shows off her latest hair do with her fans first – before the PAPZ attack:

FAMILYNEY shows sisterly support and AUNTNEY makes an appearance:


ADVENTURENEY shows off her trips, a random sign and that smoking hot body:

LIFE IS TOO SHORTNEY gave us some words of wisdom:

PROMO-NEY changes her profile pic to this smokin’ Pretty Girls snap:


And this is all in one week! PHEW! Britney sure knows how to interact with her fans and unlike other celebs, shows that she is just as real and as normal as we all are. Humble is just not enough of a word to describe our Queen B. If anyone deserves the crown, it is Britney! Yet another win to add to her belt, when will your faves?

Whilst we are on the topic of Twitter… if you live in AUS – you do not want to miss this!! The Intimate Britney Australia is holding auditions this week!


With the Hottest Britney Army Awards last week, we know how smoking hot the Barmy really is – so we expect to see a few of you hotties in the show, please and thank you!

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When it comes to flawless parenting – Britney wins hands down. In fact, Britney should be the official description of parenting done right!

Check out these impressive skateboarding skills, Britney shared with us this week:

The sound of Britney’s excitement is totally epic! And just BTW – those vocals – pure slayage! Liveney at her best!

Britney took some quality family time to hang out with her boys and their friends! Mom’s just do not get cooler than this! Can you imagine hanging around with Britney when you were a kid?? Like we cannot deal!

Also check out these flawless pics of B and her boys on a family shopping spree:

AYE CARAMBA! Looking amazing Brit! Loving ‘dem styles!

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Okay, you may need to take a seat for this one… Red Lips singer, Sam Bruno posted this tweet on Twitter this week:

It is like a GTA reunion! Actually, if you mashed up these songbirds GTA tracks, you would get, ‘Gimme More Red Lips’… just a thought.. Check out this epic studio pic they posted:

So, what could this be Barmy? New Britney music? New Sam Bruno music? Was Britney helping write a new track for another artist? Or could this be a new addition to the mysterious album 9? So many questions, so little answers… Guess we will take another one of those, ‘You will need to wait and see’ cards…

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Galaxy started off the trend first and the Barmy worked (bitch) hard to make it happen. Working hard sure does pay off – Congrats Barmy, Pretty Girls is officially nominated for a #TEENCHOICE award!!

But the work has just begun! Now, Britney needs YOU! Post till the limits no longer allow you to – let’s get this award y’all!!

VOTE VOTE VOTE! – Also do not forget to add this epic Facebook group!

Next stop – Britney for President!

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HOLY SMOKE! Outrageous does not even begin to describe the Sexiness of this Black Romper look:


My Prerogativeney eat your heart out! The hair, the look, the swag – all on point. The Papz were lapping it up. Check out this epic shot of Brit, shopping in Thousand Oakes:

SLAY us B – we are totally picking up what you are putting down!

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It looks like Crossroads 2: Cross Harder may be a thing after all…

Well – sort of… Sean Mullin revealed in an interview this week that he worked on a film project for Brit…

CUT PRINT FILM: How did you arrive at the idea of the meta-aspect of Amira selling pirated romantic comedies for a living?

SEAN MULLIN: One of my first screenwriting jobs, I was hired to write a screenplay for Britney Spears, so I worked with her for about a year. In order to prep for that job, I watched every romantic comedy that’s ever been made. There are so many horrible romantic comedies out there, and I learned everything not to do from watching all of those. I did want to take a couple jabs at them. I did think there was something kind of ironic about a character who sells these cheesy kind of movies on Canal St. and is unwittingly caught up in her own love story.

Could we be reading too much into this? He did say, one of his first jobs… so this could after all be work that has since been scrapped… even though the story line has been registered:

Could this movie still be happening? The script sure does sound amazing – so we really hope so! Maybe we should call on the Smurfs to transport Brit back on to the big screen!

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Time to blow out… the candles! ‘I Wanna Go’ turns 4 this week! WOWEE Time flies!

This flawless top 10 hit and VEVO certified video set the world on fire! ‘HUCK’ even choose a very unique way to cool down..

Happy Birthday I Wanna Go! We will be jamming to this classic all week here at HQ!

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The wait is finally over!!! By This time tomorrow – you can officially own Tom’s Diner on iTunes!!

What seems like a lifetime of waiting – it will now be ours to own in all it’s glory. BARMY – now is the time to work – lets get the track straight to the top of the charts and show the world that this has to be a single!!

Giorgio also mentioned Tom’s Diner as one of his fave collabs in THIS interview.

Britney Spears: “Tom’s Diner” 2015

Britney asked if I was interested in producing her with the [Suzanne Vega] song “Tom’s Diner.” I started to record the chords because, on an a cappella song, you can have whatever chords you want. When I was happy with the tracks, I sent it to her. I was shocked by how big she is worldwide. When the song was leaked, she was trending for almost a day. I knew she was big, but I did not know that she was that big.

Ummm… Giorgio – we do not want to be rude here, but HOW THE HELL did you not know how huge Britney is – where have you been for the past 16 years… like seriously!?!? They do not call Britney an Icon and the Queen of Pop for nothing..  Oh and BTW – big mistake not making this a single already.. Silly Billy!

Since we are on the topic of coffee… well indirectly… it is after all mentioned in Tom’s Diner.. Britney made a quick stop over for a caffeine boost and at the same time, sent our hearts pulsating into over-drive:

HUBBA HUBBA! Flawless! We are in total awe!

Looking fierce and snatching weaves B! Here is one more…. after all, it would be wrong to deprive you of a second glance…

That took our breath away… so that will have to be all for this week y’all! We will leave you with this Robots With Rayguns remix… well kind of more like a mashup.. not as great as the original.. or their other remixes.. but we suppose it will do..


P.S Want a LOL moment…? Check out this hilarious edit of the GMB interview.. We literally died laughing!! Some people have way too much time…

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