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After a grueling run of POM dates – Brit took on some well-deserved family time this week!

Let’s break it down for ya! First – some super lucky fans saw Brit at their local church:

Can you actually imagine serving Charlie ice-cream??! The ice-cream would not be the only thing frozen at this point…. The week away also included a Tubbing experience.. yup that is what it is called apparently… well unless you look at the Urban Dictionary definition – WOZERS! What did we just read… Awkward…

Look at this totes hillare video fans posted during their Britney search:

We have to say it – but we would totally SPAZZ out more than that if we saw Brit! Looks like you had a great time B! We are super happy for ya!

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Ever wondered how B gets that hot Vegas body? Well, it is pretty obvious – she said it before – Want a hot body? Well, get to work bitch! We wonder if this line will ever get old…

A body like this does not come easy – as Tony Martinez (personal trainer to Janet Jackson and P!nk) has revealed in a recent interview with The Daily Mail. Check it out:

Two years ago Tony prepared Britney for her ongoing Las Vegas residency which kicked off December 2013.
Britney wanted to be as toned as possible for her Vegas shows, which she accomplished with ‘intense’ workouts three to four times a week for 40 minutes.
Tony revealed: ‘She loves all core workouts. She’s a very tenacious women. She wants to get it done and get it done right.’
What are some of Britney’s favourite core exercises? Tony explained: ‘We use my core discs.
‘Core discs are little circle things that I had made up for my product and we use those for a lot of ab workouts. We use those for mountain climbers, will do a barrel role tuck in where you turn around all the way over and then you bring your knees in. So really functional exercises that she likes, and she’s like, “I really feel this.”‘
Tony also helped the singer clean up her diet to compensate with her grueling workouts.

He explained: ‘I pretty much just wanted her to balance out her proteins, carbs, and fat. Everything pretty balanced in that aspect because she was doing a lot of cardio so I wanted her energy up the whole entire time.
He added: ‘She loves to run, but I would make her go backwards.
‘She’s like “I’m gonna go backwards?'”I’d be like “Yeah let’s go on the treadmill and walk backwards.” She’d be like, “I could lose my hamstrings and my glutes. What are you doing to me!?”‘
Tony also revealed the singer’s ‘hidden’ talent, saying: ‘She’s a very very very good tennis player.
‘She hit the ball 108 times nonstop until I hit the ball in the net and she was like, “Are you kidding me!?”, I’m like, “I’m sorry.” So I messed it up!”

The trainer also dished on Britney’s softer side, adding: ‘She’s just like a regular person. Really nice, just really sweet girl.
‘She just has a great sense of humor. She’s just funny and likes to crack jokes.’

WOW! We would like to say we will give it a try – but PHEW – we celebrate when we hit 10 sit ups here at HQ….

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Nah – not a remix – but a Pretty Girls, Little Mix… um mix, happened this week! The writers, or more like original influence-rs for the writers according to IGGS, gave us their own spin of Pretty Girls on Capital FM, INSTAOKI  this week..

So, what do you think of their version BARMY? Little Mix claim that they turned down the track as they thought they could do better… Well – unless you are Britney and you can slay any track with ease.. not everyone has this ability…

Either way – we love you girls and the Pretty Girls promo = flawless!

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CUTE-NEY graced the Australian screens this week for an interview with The Project – those lucky shrimps!  Besides for the most adorable air-conditioning celebration EVER, Brit also spoke about her BIGGIE colab, an interest in a Miley, Gwen and Ludacris collab, swimming with Gwen’s hubby,  a new style of music called up in the air and a Vegas extension! That’s right y’all looks like a concert in B-egas, stays in B-egas!

Keep those Piggy banks full y’all – Vegas flights do not come cheap! Perfect interview Brit – the amount of new gifs we can get from this…it is almost like Britmas came early!

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Usually the BARMY are always spillin’ the Tea.. but for a change there is a different T they are dishing this week! We always knew that the Barmy are creative, but man oh man – this takes the cake. Firstly check out this awesome Holy Spear-it T made by a true B fan:

With the Pretty Girls T out last week and this on our radar this week – it looks like our wardrobe is going to be packed with Britney T shirts! We ain’t complainin’!

This next story made us AWW in unison.. A super B stan sent a T shirt to Britney as a gift – and Britney wore it! YUP, you heard us Britney actually wore the T-Shirt!

HOLY COTTON! That is just about the coolest thing! Brit is just the sweetest! Our Tissues were at the ready when we first read this – so we would not blame you for a few sniffles.. Read the full story HERE.

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Umm – can we just say that this is the best week in social networking history.. LIKE EVER! Britstagram, Britter and Spearbook timelines were like the holy grail of EPICNESS this week! Did we mention how awesome it was? Like TOTES! First we got some words of Holy Spea-rit wisdom:

Britney then took to Facebook to celebrate the 13th Anniversary of her RED HOT single ‘I love Rock and Roll’ – also giving a shout out to the original rockers, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts– who were just recently added to the Rock Hall of Fame – how timely and fitting!

WAIT – before we go on – can we take another minute to appreciate how flawless Britney looked in this video…

AHH – it just does not get hotter than that! From hot to super cool – Britney then posted this ADORBS pic of Skater Momney:

Talking about Momney – just look at how flawless Britney looked at her son’s soccer match that same day:

She does not even have to try and she still looks hotter than all of the other faves! Slay us B! Talking about slayage – does B ever miss a match? This is what we call a SUPER MOM! Even with her schedule – Brit always finds time for her family first!

Next we got this totally random – but super cute tweet of the world’s smallest ever cat!

And then…. we got this, LOL and wake your neighbours kind of post from B:

DEAD – this is so HILLARE we cannot deal! Thanks for the laugh Brit!

Brit ended off our social Networking week – with this total perfection pic:

So we got cute-ney, hot-ney, personal-ney, fun-ney, mom-ney, hillare-ney, wisdom-ney and nostalgic-ney all in one week – that is what we call an iconic social networking stint!!

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SPRITZ ALERT – check out this flawless pic of the New Intimate Fantasy (still sounds like a spray for your intimate bits… we cannot help it) packaging:

The pic suits the packaging perfectly – and it is one of our fave intimate shoots! Looking great Brit! This week we also had a revamp of the Midnight Fantasy (there must be something wrong with us this week, as this also sounds a little dirty to us – we must be feeling a little ITZ-ney recently) box sets – check out the flawless revamp below:

The new looks are epic – cannot wait to see them in stores.. oh and B – if you think we are letting the male fragrance go… not happening – we really need a male Spritz too! Charlie can help with the inspiration! Hit us up B!

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Is it just us, or every time you hear Melissa Joan Heart’s surname it makes you want to belt out Brit’s early hit Heart? No? Just us.. oh well. Bet you that will change now.. you are welcome!

Super stan Melissa spoke about B again this week and discusses B in her book ‘Melissa explains It All’.

In your book Melissa Explains It All you talked about sneaking Britney in a back door to take her out — were there any other crazy or fun moments you guys had while hanging out?

MJH: Britney and I did a lot of press together in New York, Utah, L.A., on the set of her video, on the set of Sabrina. So we did a lot together, a ton of awards shows and stuff. But yeah, I snuck her away from her bodyguard to take her because she just looked liked she needed to be around people her own age. One time I was like, “Do you want to get lunch?” and she [turned to her team and] said, “Can I go to lunch?” They said, “No, you can’t go to lunch, you have to go to the gym and then you have vocal lessons and then you have to be here, you have to be there, you have a commercial shoot, and then you have to get ready for tour next week.” I was just like, poor girl. I was like, “Let’s pretend we’re just going to my mom’s house tonight and I’ll get you away and we’ll go dancing.” So that’s what we did.

Ahh Melissa – thanks for being such a great friend to B – any friend of B’s is a friend of ours! We would love to see you and Brit spending more time together, better yet – a Sabrina reunion with Brit would be, just about, the best thing ever… you got the idea from us first!

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We are only a few weeks away from the official release of Tom’s Diner on iTunes! The excruciating wait is almost over! The most anticipated track, off the Déjà vu album, made a few appearances this week.  First in this epic promo video:

Then, Giorgio  ‘premiered’ the track this week at the official listening party! Everyone was welcome – come on come on in:

The world is not ready for this EPICNESS – even the people in the video could not stop talking about the track throughout the entire spin… well, we assume that is what they were doing – that is if they do not wish for us to open up a can of WHOOP-ASS on them.. Ant said it perfectly this week..

MAJOR LOLS! Make sure to promote like crazy – let’s get Tom’s Diner to number 1 upon release! Let the celebrations begin!

Till next week y’all!

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