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Nov 5, 2015

Our #BritneyWeen contest winner! @britneyspears @DELILAHDIAMOND_


Congratulations to our #BritneyWeen contest winner Mark!

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Hey BRITNEY GALAXY READERS!! My name is Mark but As my stage name & social media accounts I go By Delilah Diamond! What Inspires me To be a Britney fan? WAY TOO MUCH! I can go on for hours. I have loved britney since the age of 3 But I became a mega fan in third grade. She has always motivated me to be the best performer I could be. I taught my self over the last 7 years every Britney dance from 1998-present. She is my biggest inspiration for Drag, my everyday life & stage life. Her music makes me feel fearless & that I can be the fiercest person in the room at all times. I never connected with an artist like her in my entire life. I love pop culture and female pop stars but no one has ever impacted my life like she did. She has always inspired my drag character since day 1, From her looks . moves & stage costumes. Its all so perfect in my eyes. I always do my make up and countour my face to look just like hers. Ever since I saw her in vegas in april of 2015 I felt something so different in so new & such a positive look out on how I wanted my life to be. It changed my life in the best way possible. I had been through so much up to that point in my life & to see someone who inspired me so much through out my whole life it was life changing. I have been writing my own show for the past 6 months since I saw her in concert. Also getting to go backstage and see al her stage costumes & props where one of the other reason I really starting writing my dream show. (P.S THANK YOU FE FOR THE LIFE CHANGING MOMENT FOR ME!) I am proud to call her my #1 idol, Inspiration & queen & its on my bucket list to meet her own day & get a beautiful photo for my home one day & just be able to thank her for all the inspiration and motivation she has given me through her just being a strong woman.
OK!!!!! Heres to why I chose to be “work bitch vegas mermaidney” !! I did britney’s purple bra and jean shorts from her Femme Fatale tour in my freshman year of high school & I’m a senior now and wanted to do britney as my last Halloween costume in high school. I wanted to be original and do something not a lot of britney fans always choose as their costumes. I think its a typical & predictable when people do the classics. Its always BOMT, Oops!, Slave VMA, or Toxic. I never see anyone do current britney. Not even people who impersonate her ever do current her (very rarely). I understand everyone wants to do something everyone knows but I wanted everyone to know Britney is still banging and looking hot after all these years. I winded up picking Britneys opening number for her vegas show she had worn from August 2014-August 2015. I made this decision in august when she started having the mermaid hair. It happened to be one of my fav “eras” of her looks she’s ever done for some reason. It was so sexy & fierce to me. THIS IS WHY I PICKED MY COSTUME!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PICKING ME!! ALL MY SOCIAL MEIDA IS @DELILAHDIAMOND_ ON TWITTER & INSTAGRAM !!!!

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