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May 11, 2016

Niki Makovinszky Meet and Greet story with Britney Spears! #PieceOfMe @britneyspears

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It’s spotlight time on the Britney Army!

Today we are featuring Britney Army member, Niki Makovinsky, who will be sharing her Meet and Greet story with Britney:

It was my second time meeting Britney, and I was even more nervous than before my first time. The backstage tour is still amazing, Fe changed a lot of infos, I was fascinated by all the new stuffs. Fe remembered me, gave me a hug, she’s a really special lady, one of a kind. smile emoticon After backstage we had 15 minutes to prepare for the m&g.

I was 14th in line, 13 people were out in about 2 minutes. When it was my turn, I walked up, intuduced myself, we shook hands, she said Hi, and was smiling. I showed her my arm tattoo hoping she will recognize me, she said “wow awesome”, but I don’t think she realized it was me again. grin emoticon Then she put her arm around my shoulder and we took the picture. Before leaving I told her how beautiful she is, she smiled and thanked and as we said goodbye she told me to “enjoy the show”. It was much quicker than my first experience, but it’s always a great time to be in her presence even if it’s just a few minutes. She’s unbelievably beautiful in person and I cannot compare the feeling to anything when I see her that close.

I will definitely do it again! Thank you Britney-Galaxy for letting me feature my story!

Glad you had an awesome time Niki!!