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May 22, 2016

Michael Costello Designs Britney Spears’ BBMAs Gown

E!News reports that Project Runway alum Michael Costello has been approached by Britney to design something in white, red and blue black to cover her impressively toned body with for the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. No pressure there, Michael!

“We’re hoping she does wear it,” he said. “We met with her and the team and they loved what we created for her. It is a two-piece.”

“We were told she was doing something really big with the show and so when we thought about it, we wanted to make sure it was something that was very her, something classic to the iconic look she has and stay true to Britney but also bring in what we’re trying to push for red carpet looks this season, which is, in collaboration with Tide, making our red carpet looks easy to care for and washable,” he said. “She wanted to look very classy and she wanted to look very memorable.”
He also told E! News Spears wanted something in white, red and black.

“Those were three of the colors we did for her,” he said. “There was one transparent gown that we did a lot of hand beadwork on, lots of sequins and crystal appliques and crystal beaded handwork. I hope that’s the option she wears. We also did a silk jersey two piece look for her which is a crop top and a pencil skirt.”

Sounds like he created something really special for her! Whatever she finally decides to wear, one thing is for certain: she will look absolutely stunning!

Michael Costello previously designed this gown which Britney wore to Elton John’s party a few years ago:

In less than 24hrs Britney Spears hits the BBMAs stage to perform a medley of hits and fans couldn’t be more excited!

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Source: E!online