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Dec 15, 2016

#MakeMe music video wins #FuseTop40! @britneyspears


Britney Spears #MakeMe music video won this years Fuse top 40 music videos 2016!

Fans of all the artists in our Top 40 of 2016 showed up in full force to vote for our No. 1 video of the year. This time around, the Britney Army proved just how dedicated they are to their girl by crowning the Princess of Pop this year’s winner. After nearly eight million overall votes and six exciting rounds, Britney Spears’ “Make Me…” featuring G-Eazy is officially Fuse’s No. 1 video of 2016!

When Round 1 launched in November, there were 39 other major videos competing for the title. A few weeks later, three “wildcards” came back in Round 4 for a second shot at the top. But in the end, none of them were competition for Brit and G-Eazy.

So cheers to you, Britney fans! Light some vanilla candles and order your favorite Starbucks frappuccino in honor of the pop star’s win.

Let’s look back at the “Make Me…” video’s journey to the top, shall we?

In Round 1, it was up against Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s “Side to Side” video. When Round 2 came around, Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home” put up a tough fight against “Make Me…,” but Britney still came out on top.

It was the battle of the pop queens in Round 3, with Lady Gaga’s wild “Perfect Illusion” video going head-to-head with “Make Me…” Even with the return of three wildcard videos for Round 4, Britney’s sultry visual kept pushing on as it beat The Weeknd’s “Starboy.” But that one was a really close call!

Next up was Round 5, where Brit was up against Zayn’s bedtime-ready “Pillowtalk” video. Once again, “Make Me…” won the round (this time, by a landslide) and moved on to Round 6. For the final match, the pop princess had to conquer Chvrches’ fun “Bury It” video featuring Hayley Williams. After a solid back-and-forth round, “Make Me…” earned the title of No. 1 video in this year’s Top 40.

This is a historic win for Britney too as the Top 40 of 2016 victory follows her taking the crown three times before: She first took the No. 1 spot in our Top 40 of 2009 poll with “Circus,” followed up by topping the rankings in 2011 with “I Wanna Go,” and most recently with last year’s “Pretty Girls” featuring Iggy Azalea winning in 2015. Of course, we have to thank all the fans who voted in every round for their favorite singers for this year’s Top 40!

For more Britney fun, listen to this episode of Fuse’s Besterday podcast where we celebrate the 15th anniversary of her self-titled third album!

HUGE Congrats to Britney and of course the Britney Army for voting SO hard! Britney is going to be SO happy when she reads this incredible news!