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Jul 7, 2016

Justin Tranter says Britney Spears voice is so iconic! #Hands @britneyspears

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Producer/Songwriter Justin Tranter opens up about his writing process of his new song titled “Hands”. “Hands,” a track released Wednesday (Today) that features some of the biggest names in pop music, including Ms. Gomez, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Mary J. Blige, Pink, Juanes, Kacey Musgraves, Adam Lambert and many more. Proceeds from the song, available exclusively on iTunes, will benefit Equality Florida, the GLBT Community Center of Central Florida and Glaad.  Justin recently opened up about why he chose Britney to start off the song “Hands”:

I knew that I wanted to start with Britney Spears. She has so many LGBTQ fans and her voice is so ICONIC that it only felt right to start with her. 

We could not agree anymore with you Justin. We can not wait to hear the song you and Britney have worked on for #B9 but until now this new song will hold us over. If you have not done so click here to purchase “Hands” available on iTunes. Currently the song is #11 on the iTunes charts! Let’s get it to #1!!



Thanks to our flawless Britney Army member Rachel Schell for sending this over to BG!