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Apr 8, 2016

Jennifer Chavez Meet and Greet story with @britneyspears #PieceOfMe

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It’s spotlight time on the Britney Army!

Today we are featuring our spotlight on Britney Army member, Jennifer Chavez, who is sharing her Meet and Greet story with Britney. Check out her incredible story:

I met Britney Spears on Saturday, August 23, 2014. My family and I had been talking about going to Las Vegas for quite some time, and when I discovered that Britney Spears had Meet & Greet packages available, I thought, well this would be perfect! After much discussion and planning, fast forward to January 14, when I finally got the “green light” to purchase my ticket.

Once I received the confirmation of my order, that was when it hit me…I was meeting Britney! I have been a fan of Britney’s since day 1, and this of course was my biggest dream, my number 1 on my bucket list to meet her.

Although it was 7months away, I started looking for the perfect outfit to wear to the POM concert/meet & greet. I knew I wanted to take Britney a gift, so I wanted to give her something unique. I settled on a pair of hot pink Kendra Scott earrings, which, coincidentally, I had a same pair:)

So, August FINALLY arrives, which means it’s Vegas time! Again, I don’t think it hit me I was meeting Britney, even after stepping onto the Vegas strip & seeing the iconic Planet Hollywood hotel with Britney’s fabulous picture on the side…maybe it felt like a dream still {dream within a dream?} {see what I did there?} 🙂 I wasn’t meeting Britney till the next day, so my family and I had a day to sight see. I made a trip to the POM gift shop, and literally shopped till I dropped. The employees were SO nice! I got lots of Britney goodies. Also, my dad took me to the venue, and I checked out where I needed to pick up my wristband, etc.

Well, Saturday, August 23 arrives. THE day! {yay!} I spent the day relaxing, laying out by the pool. I arrived to the Planet Hollywood theater in plenty of time, and went to the check in to receive my wristband…when the employee put the wristband on me, i think that is when it started to hit me. Very surreal! I proceeded to go wait in line, and was happy to announce I was second in line. It definitely helps to get to the venue as early as possible! I caught a glimpse of Mr. Larry Rudolph, who walked by real quick. I said “hi Larry!” {I kind of blurted it out actually, lol}..he glanced up and smiled. I had Britney’s gift with me, along with a card that I wrote for her. What’s funny, is, I wasn’t nervous at all. Don’t get me wrong, I had butterflies in my stomach, but I was cool as a cucumber. Which was surprising because I thought, if ever the day I had an opportunity to meet The Legendary Miss Britney Spears, I for sure thought I would be a nervous wreck! It finally comes time for our tour to begin, and here comes the lovely Fe. Her energy is contagious. She is one of the sweetest, most endearing people I have ever met. You cannot help but smile when you are around her! Britney is so lucky to have a dynamic person in her life, Fe truly is a blessing! We begin the tour, and wow what a surreal feeling to be standing on the stage. You definitely get a rush, and you want to just stand there and take it all in! Then you see the props from the show, the iconic “Me Against the Music” backdrop…it’s a sight to see! What I loved about the backstage tour portion of it, was how Fe keeps the fans engaged. She is so warm and will answer any question you may have. After touring the stage, backstage, and Britney’s dressing room, it is time to head down to prepare for the Meet and Greet.

At this point now, the butterflies in my stomach came back. I started feeling both a combination of giddiness and nervousness. I did let Fe know that I had a gift for Britney, and wanted to see if I would be able to give to her.

Okay. So it’s now time for start getting ready to meet Britney. All darn day I was getting messages from my friends, telling “don’t pass out!” Or “don’t cry!”…to be honest, I wasn’t even nervous!!! I was just soo excited, and could not BELIEVE I was about to meet Britney. Miss American Dream since she was 17! The group gets escorted to the back of the hotel (I believe), and we are given the information on how the meet and greet would go. As we proceeded to walk into the venue again, Fe gives me the green light on giving Britney her gift (yay!)…she told me she would give to me right before it was time to meet her. As we line up, at that moment, I remember thinking how blessed I was. All the CD’s, learning all her dance moves, all of the music videos I watched, every single moment led up to THIS very moment!

When it came to my turn, I see the POM backdrop, and see Britney’s silhouette. Security tells me it’s my turn. As I walk up I’m like “don’t fall Jen!”…lol. And there she was. Now, I’ve met a lot of celebs. But, no one has taken me aback as Britney did. She is STUNNING. Pictures do her justice, yet you have to see her in person to experience it. It’s the most surreal thing. She has the prettiest brown eyes, and her smile is just so sweet! She’s an absolute doll. When I walk up, she extends her hand and is like “hi I’m Britney!” I was like oh man…! So endearing. I shook her hand and said “hi Britney, I’m Jennifer!” She said “hi Jennifer!” I told her I was such a fan of hers, and wished her good luck for her show tonight. She was like oh my goodness, thank you I hope you enjoy the show! What’s funny, is she complimented my earrings, which were the same on es I had for her. I told Britney “well funny thing…I brought you a gift, and it’s actually the same earrings! I hope you like them!” Britney was like oh my goodness!!! And said “these are so radical!” It was the cutest reaction! Only Britney could bring the word “radical” back! Just adorable! She proceeded to give me a hug, and thanked me so much for the present. I was so happy she loved them! It was time for our picture, so we pose for the picture. I could tell it was going to be a cute pic! 🙂 I loved how it turned out! After we take the picture, she hugged me again and I told her how beautiful she was…she tells me “no you’re beautiful.” I thanked her, and told her “good luck tonight!”

I wanted to cry. Britney truly is SO down to earth and the sweetest. Her endearing spirit just shines. I was on Cloud 9 walking away from the Meet & Greet area! When it was all over and done with, I think that is when it hit me that I just met Britney Spears. I thanked God for this amazing opportunity, and had to stop and let it all sink in.

I had a blast at the show, I danced and sang my heart out. I had an AMAZING meet and greet experience, and I still cannot believe that I met Britney Spears. It truly was a dream come true….and I cannot wait to go back!

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Glad you had an awesome time Jen! Your picture came out ADORABLE!

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