It’s Been 12 Years Since Britney, Beyonce and P!nk Put The Lessers Back In Their Place

Fanta Pepsi, Fanta Pepsi, no Coke! 12 years ago today, Britney, Bey and P!nk literally took over the entire universe with the most powerful commercial collaboration of all time.

Pepsi certainly knew how to get the crowds going! If there was ever a way to increase sales, placing 3 (well 4 – we have not forgotten about you Enrique, but the girls brought the house down on this one) of the most iconic legends in the world in one video was guaranteed to do it!

Britney by this point had already solidified her status as the Queen of Pepsi commercials…

…but this video just took things to another level. This collaboration just worked and if there is anything we are absolutely dying for – is another collaboration between these 3 legends, pretty please! All 3 artists are currently working on new albums – so no better time than now to remind us all who runs the world…. Sit back, relax and watch this iconic commercial on repeat.

Oh what we would do for another collab…. Come on Team B – hear our cries….