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Aug 9, 2016

Exclusive interview: Britney Spears reveals track “Invitation” and MORE! @britneyspears

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We have never been more excited! Britney herself sat down with Britney-Galaxy.com to answer some questions about everything going on with her right now and even an exclusive track off her new upcoming album “Glory”! Below is our exclusive full interview:

What was your favorite part of the creative process when creating “Glory”?

I absolutely loved working with Karen, who directed the A&R process for this album. I got to write and work with so many amazing people, some that I’ve wanted to work with for a long time, and some new up and comers that we’re going to see many more amazing things from in the future. Writing and recording this album was such an enjoyable experience, and I’m really grateful for that.

What is the most important thing you have learned during your Vegas residence?

That my fans are incredible. They’re really what make the show so special. It’s amazing to see so many people all around the world all in one room together, having a good time.

Will you be adding Make Me to your piece of me setlist?

You will find out very very soon…

What inspires you to post your pictures on Instagram – meaning scenic pictures, quotes, etc.

I post whatever feels right at that moment. It can be something inspirational, something funny, something beautiful, or just showing you all what’s going on in my career and life at that moment. Instagram is amazing because it lets all of those things come together in one place.

You recently just released your new music video for “Make Me”. What was the meaning behind the music video and the message you were trying to get across during the music video? It looked like you had SO much fun recording it!

The video was definitely very fun to make, and I’m really happy with it. One thing that is really great about this video is that it shows you not take everything so seriously… and that our lives, friendships, and careers should always be fun!

Would you be able to tell us one new song that is on your album “Glory”?

Invitation is the first track that’s on the album, which I co-wrote with Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, and Nick Monson. It’s the perfect track to kick off Glory, and I can’t wait for you all to hear it!

Are you excited to perform at the iHeart radio music awards and can you give us a hint on what you have planned for your performance?

Yes, of course I’m excited! It’s going to be amazing performing at such an incredible event in Vegas…which is my second home now. The performance is still being planned, so if you all have any ideas for what you wanna see… let me know!

Anything you would like to tell the Britney Army and Britney-Galaxy.com readers??

Thank you all so much for your support, and for always staying positive! The digital world can get pretty negative sometimes, and this site is truly a ray of sunshine.

So you heard Britney everyone: What do you want at iHeartRadio? The Classics? A random B-Side? Leave comments in our NEW guestbook so we can pass them along to Britney! Click here to start giving Britney ideas for her iHeartRadio performance!

Thank you Britney for everything! We love and will always support you 100%!! XOXOXO

Britney’s new song “Clumsy” will be out this Wednesday night (Thursday at midnight)!