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Jul 25, 2018

Ernesto Gutiérrez Lezama Meet and Greet Story with Britney Spears! #PieceOfMe

It’s Meet and Greet story time bitch! Check out Britney Army member,  Ernesto Gutierrez Lezama, meet and greet story with the Queen:

Hi! My name is Ernesto Gutierrez Lezama! I am a Shoe designer  living in the big Apple!
So it was my turn for the meet and greet. When i was walking in, I noticed that britney was staring at the floor, so i started talking! I said “Britney hi” I told her “thank you for your music and for being you, you’re an inspiration to me and mean the world”!  The photographer was starting  to take the first picture! The first picture did not come out so great so I had to go back in for the second picture. We finished the second photo but i turned around and said “Britney can i give you kiss on the cheek” she looked at me up and down, then looked at me in the eye and said “YES”!
Her team wasn’t happy about it because i was already in my 3rd picture ( only can take 3) so i turned around to the crew and said “she said yes”! So i closed my eyes and kissed her soft and beautiful cheek. We did the other shoots, but the one that was selected is my favorite!
This picture gathers 20 years of memories into one very personal item! Thank you Britney for everything!

What a cute story! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!