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Dec 13, 2016

“Do You Wanna Come Over?”is one of Billboard’s 100 Best Pop Songs of 2016!

Britney’s song “Do You Wanna Come Over” off her ninth studio album “Glory” was chosen on this years Billboard’s 100 Best Pop songs of 2016. “Do You Wanna Come Over” landed at number 95 on this years Best Pop songs of 2016!

95. Britney Spears, “Do You Wanna Come Over?”

A throbbing, soda-popping and unmistakably menacing Pharrell beat puts Britney Spears in Predator Mode on this Glory should-be-single, simultaneously seductive and terrifying as Brit declares “Nobody should be alone if they don’t have to be,” not allowing for a ton of choice in the matter. Lord help us all if your answer’s no. – A.U.