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Welcome back to another edition of ‘Discover Britney,’ where we highlight Britney songs that were not released as singles. This way, you can share a song a week with people that have not yet had the chance to hear flawless tracks from Britney’s albums. Spread the word!

If you are an avid Britney stan, you will know that almost every track from a Britney album (in an ideal world) should have been released as a single. So many people have been deprived of some of the most timeless tracks and we feel that they should be heard. Join BritneyGalaxy on Spotify, where we will add one track a week to our ‘Discover Britney’ playlist. Your gym playlist is set for life!


Following that weave snatching Billboard Music Awards performance, it only seemed appropriate that we dedicate this edition to the flawless self-loving masterpiece, Touch Of My Hand.

Take a minute to appreciate the beginning of this gem… If you listen carefully you will notice that the intro is in fact the reverse of.. well.. the following ‘intro.’ We know this hardly makes sense, but you did pick up what we were putting down, right? Every second of this track is so perfectly sewn together that you can feel every sensation… Let yourself go for a minute and you may just notice the involuntary arch of your back…Sorry, not sorry. Touch Of My Hand, co written by Ms. Spears herself, is yet another ‘In The Zone,’ masterpiece that deserved the video and single treatment. Britney’s signature whisper, mixed with a hypnotic violin and a Middle Eastern influenced beat contribute to an abundance of sex appeal that can only be described as an eargasm. Perfectly fitting if you ask us… ‘From the small of my back and the arch of my feet, lately I’ve been noticing the beautiful me,’ with lyrics like this it is hard not to get the tingling sensation of excitement, you can literally feel a change in your breathing and heart rate.

Back when the album was released, Britney came into her own musically and opted for a more mature sound. She spoke about things more personal to her and remained true to herself throughout the record. Although the album was extremely well received, the lyrics did cause a few upsets from people not comfortable in their own skin or not mature enough to handle a more adult and womanly Britney. With a very strong influence from Janet Jackson and Madonna (who featured on the album), Britney pieced together one of the most influential albums of all time, with songs, like this, that you can not only enjoy listening to, but can actually feel. The album is indisputably flaw free and one of the many reasons why The Millennium Award for outstanding contribution and influence in the music industry Britney received last night, was not only well-deserved, but should have permanently be named after her. Very few artists can connect with their listeners so personally, quite like this. ‘I shut myself out from the world so I, can draw the blinds and I’ll teach myself to fly,’ our senses have exploded. Lord have mercy..

Best Lyrics: ‘I love myself it’s not a sin, I can’t control what’s happening.’

Songwriters: Britney Spears, Jimmy Harry, Balewa Muhammad, Shep Solomon

Producers: Harry and Solomon

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