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Jun 20, 2016

Discover Britney – Song Of The Week – Edition 12 – (I Got That) Boom Boom

Welcome back to another edition of ‘Discover Britney,’ where we highlight Britney songs that were not released as singles. This way, you can share a song a week with people that have not yet had the chance to hear flawless tracks from Britney’s albums. Spread the word!

If you are an avid Britney stan, you will know that almost every track from a Britney album (in an ideal world) should have been released as a single. So many people have been deprived of some of the most timeless tracks and we feel that they should be heard. Join BritneyGalaxy on Spotify, where we will add one track a week to our ‘Discover Britney’ playlist. Your gym playlist is set for life!


(I Got That) Boom Boom was originally intended to be the second single off Britney’s ‘In The Zone,’ album, it even went as far as a radio release and confirmation. A very last minute change and a bit of a push from Britney, ‘Toxic,’ made the cut instead. We are not complaining, as Toxic was definitely the right choice, but this absolute gem deserved the video treatment too. Only problem is, so did every other track on ‘In The Zone.’ The album is timeless.

Years before any artist even dreamed of mixing modern day pop with an experimental Southern sound, Britney added a beat so country to her track, you can almost taste the effects of the ‘Southern Fried Pop’ Explosion! ‘This is for my Southern boys out there,’ chants Britney, kicking off one of the best dance breaks we have heard in a track for centuries! Sorry to disappoint but Britney did ‘Wake Me Up’ and ‘Daddy Lessons,’ ages ago and boy, it was groundbreaking! Taking a look back at Britney’s discography, it is amazing to see exactly how much of an influence Britney has on modern day pop.

‘She’s Naked, she’s soaking wet.’ The Ying Yang twins absolutely smash their rap addition to this hip-hop influenced number giving the song that extra edge to blow you away in a dance club. Britney’s sex appeal is on point as per usual adding the perfect amount of sultry groans to add that extra bit of Boom to bring out your inner sexy. Just look at the dance number above, what a way to ‘Britney-ney’ (The ‘ney-ney’ with actual sex appeal). Let this be a lesson to your faves. ‘I don’t think you should wait, one minute might be too late,’ we have already called the cab…

Best Lyrics: ‘Twilly- Twilly” and ‘I begin to dance just a little bit, to turn you on.’

Songwriters: Roy ‘Royalty’ Hamilton, Chyna Royal, Deongelo Holmes, Eric Jackson

Producers: Roy Hamilton

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